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SKU: R-502

Mohair - Straight Mohair for Rooting - Sophia's Heritage Collection

$6.99 $17.99
Choice of 6 Colors

1/4 oz. or 1/2 oz.
100% High Quality Pure Mohair
by Sophia's Heritage Collection.
Baby Fine Mohair for Rooting.

FREE - Empty Genesis Heat Set Paint Jars

FREE - Limit 2 Empty Paint Jars per order
Empty Jars, still have color in the jar that can be used
and then cleaned out and reused.
SKU: A-pouch

Special Offer - Handmade Crocheted Hanging Pouch for your Reborn Baby

$29.90 $49.90
Special Offer
37" Ultra Soft Ivory Crocheted Hanging Display for your reborn baby
Display your baby anyway you wish
See More Pictures of different looks

Clearance Sale - Discontinued - Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Medium - Correction Fluid

$2.49 $12.99
Clearance Price - 1/2 ounce Bottle
SKU: S-497

Clearance - Special Buyout Offer - Baby Doll Shoes with Bow

$2.00 $12.50
Buyout Special - Choose from Pink or Red Trim
SAVE $10.50 - Adorable Baby Doll Shoes with Snap Closures - 2" x 3.5"
SKU: test-soft limb

Practice Test Part - One Soft Vinyl Doll Limb

One Practice Soft Vinyl Baby Limb "Factory Seconds"
Practice your painting technique before trying it out on your doll.
Test Colors, Skin Tones, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, nails, hair painting, et
SKU: c-green ruffles

Ruffles & Lace Infant Dress - Mint Green

$29.99 $35.99
(4 left) Newborn Size
Handcrafted Heirloom Ruffled Dress.
Large Lacey Collar, Layers of Ruffles
and a Large Bow Tie in the back.
SKU: MB-37

Clearance Sale - Discontinued - Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Paint - Yellow Ochre

$1.99 $8.99
Sale Clearance Price - 1 oz Bottles Only
SKU: test-firm head

Practice Test Part - One Firm Vinyl Doll Head

Choose from 3 Skin Tones - Light, Medium or Dark - "Factory Seconds"
Test Colors, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, etc.
PLEASE NOTE - Firm Vinyl is harder and Cannot be used for Rooting.
SKU: plbd-dvd

Special Offer - PLBD - I ART Ultra Newborns DVD

$29.90 $49.90
In depth tutorial created by reborn artists Cassie Peek and Rachel Maynard.
SKU: C-27

Hospital Cap - Giraffe Print

$2.49 $4.95
Adorable Giraffe Print Baby Hat
Infant Hospital Hat for your darling Reborn Baby.
100% Cotton - Matches the Gown.
SKU: R-502-sample

Quantity Sampler Pack of Mixed Baby Fine Straight Mohair for Rooting

$38.99 $107.94
Save - 2 Sizes available
1.5 ounce Pack of 6 Colors - 1/4 ounce each color
3 ounce Pack of 6 Colors - 1/2 ounce each color

100% High Quality Pure Baby Fine Mohair

SKU: test part firm limb

Practice Test Part - One Firm Vinyl Doll Limb

Practice Test Limb - Choose Skin Tone - Firm Vinyl Limb - "Factory Seconds"
Test Colors, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, etc.
PLEASE NOTE - Firm Vinyl is harder .
SKU: buyout-case

A Special Purchase - Full Round Acrylic Eyes in Case

$3.99 $12.99
Available in 8mm, 10mm, 14mm Size
Full Round acrylic eyes in cases - Variety of Colors.
Limited Quantities of each size. Values up to $8.95 (Read More)
SKU: buyout-7

A Special Purchase - Full Round Acrylic Eyes - Blue

$2.99 $8.95
Available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm Size
Blue - Full Round acrylic eyes.
Several Brands - Blue Shades vary - Limited Quantities.
SKU: RS-120

Q-Tips - Specially Designed Double Pointed Cotton Tips - for Reborning

Choose a Pack of 50 or 100 specially designed Q Tips.
Double Pointed Tips for painting.
Easily clean up when paint gets into delicate, hard-to-reach areas.
Craft-grade cotton tipped applicators!
SKU: buyout-wigs

CLEARANCE SALE - Grab Bag - Small Doll Wig

READ CAREFULLY FIRST - Take A Chance - Choose the Size Only (NO Style Choice - NO Color Choice)
We have too many styles to list, different brands, different colors, mostly 1 of each style/color.
Reduced Price - ALL NEW.
SKU: RS-170

Sponge Dabber - Small Dauber

Special Offer - Small Dauber
This Small Sponge Dabber is great for mottling skin tones and texture.
Save in a 6 Pack of Daubers for $5.10 (@.85 ea)
Save in a 10 Pack for $7.50 (@.75 each)
SKU: needle sampler

Sampler Package of 33 German Steel Rooting Needles

$28.00 $39.27
Sampler Package of 33 needles
11 different packs - 3 of each style and size
SKU: limb set-00

20" Inventory Clearance - Unpainted Soft Vinyl Limb Set - Styles Vary

$20.95 $39.95
(Inventory Clearance - Styles Vary)
Unpainted Soft Vinyl 3/4 arms & legs Set for 20" Kits.
SKU: A-tote

Reborn Artist Tote Bag - FREE Handmade Macrame' Key Chain

$12.95 $19.95
(Save $7.00) - Black Art Tote Bag & FREE Handmade Key Chain
Keep your Reborn supplies organized and ready to travel.
Size 12 x 7.5 x 5.25 inches
SKU: torso demi

19-20" - Vinyl Girl Torso

(Only 1 left)
Unpainted Anatomically Correct Girl Torso
Fits a 19-20" full limbed kit.
SKU: wings-A

Newborn Baby - Feather Wings & Headband - White with Pastel Flowers

$9.99 $18.99
Feathered Wings Pastel Flowers and with Elastic Straps
Includes matching Pastel Flower Headband  
SKU: dk-mini giggles

12" - Giggles - Mini Reborn Doll Kit with Body/Eyes/Lashes - Made in the USA by Secrist

$39.99 $59.99
Unpainted 12 inch Mini Reborn Kit
Includes Head with pre-inserted Eyes & Lashes
3/4 Limb Set and a Cloth Body with ties.