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SKU: R-502

Mohair - Straight Mohair for Rooting - Sophia's Heritage Collection

$6.99 $17.99
Choice of 6 Colors

1/4 oz. or 1/2 oz.
100% High Quality Pure Mohair
by Sophia's Heritage Collection.
Baby Fine Mohair for Rooting.

SKU: RS-294

Lashes - 8" Eyelash Strip - You Cut to Size

$2.99 $8.99
Special Offer - Choose from 5 Colors
8" Strip of Thin Delicate Lashes - Trim to desired size.
Average 3 to 4 pair per strip - (Cost .75 set)
SKU: RS-297

Lashes - Wispy Doll Eyelashes - Monique

$2.99 $5.99
Available in 4 Colors
High Quality Wispy Eyelashes, One Pair.
Great for your Reborns.

Cable Zip Ties - Ultra Thin Nylon - 14" Long - Choose Quantity

Save More in Larger Quantities
Ten Pack of 14" Long Thin & Strong Nylon Tie Fasteners for easy Doll Assembly
Perfect for Reborners
SKU: wafers

Wonder Wafers - Baby Powder Fresh Scent

Baby Powder Fresh Scent - Wonder Wafers
Cut into pieces, and place inside your Reborn Baby.
Wrapped individually
SKU: R-504

Mohair - Curly Mohair for Rooting - Sophia's Heritage Collection

$8.99 $20.99
Choice of 6 Colors

1/4 oz. or 1/2 oz.

100% High Quality Pure Mohair.
by Sophia's Heritage Collection.
Baby Fine Curly Mohair for Rooting..

SKU: A-20

Authentic Hospital Infant ID Bands

$0.50 $0.99
One Bracelet - Choose - Pink, White, Clear or Blue
Authentic 6.5" Soft Hospital Infant ID Bracelet for your Baby
Write your Baby's information on the card
Save more in quantities
SKU: RS-298

Lashes - Wispy Doll Eyelashes -Double, Top and Bottom Set

$3.99 $4.99
Available 4 Colors
Great Quality Wispy Eyelashes
Both Top and Bottom in one Set.
Great for your Reborns.
SKU: RS-dry rack

Drying Rack for your Vinyl Parts

Drying Rack has 8 Posts.
Dry your washed or painted Limbs.
Lightweight drying rack makes it easy to dry inside and outside.
SKU: RS-856

Glass Beads - Tiny Grain Size

$4.49 $5.99

Special Offer

Tiny grain size glass beads make your baby Heavier and softer.
See larger quantity offer.
SKU: C-0

Authentic Hospital Hats - Just Born 1 ply

$1.00 $3.49
Choose from 3 Styles - 1 Ply Head Warmer.
Authentic Just Born Infant Hospital Hat
for your darling Baby Doll.
SKU: #A223

Eyeco PolyGlass Eyes - Baby Blue - A223

Available in 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24mm Size
Our most popular selling Eyes for Reborns.
They look like real glass.
These PolyGlass eyes are a Collector Grade
They are shatter resistant hard polymer half round eyes.
SKU: RS-117

Fabric Discs - 10 pack - Glue on Limb Openings

Glue these soft Cotton Fabric Discs onto limb ends to hold in pellets and stuffing.
No need to purchase expensive plugs.
These are also great for blotting paints.
Save and buy in larger quantities
SKU: A-37mag paci

Magnetic Pacifier - Enclosed Magnet in Pacifier

$2.00 $4.50
Choose from 4 colors - Highly popular with Reborners
Pacifier with built in Magnet - Fits flat against the doll's face
Save more in quantities.
SKU: RS-295

Lashes - Human Hair Eyelashes for your Reborn Baby

$2.99 $6.99
Special Purchase - Choose Brown or Black.
Thin Delicate Human Hair Eyelashes
Great for your Reborn Baby.
These eyelashes may be trimmed to size.