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Doll Kits, Wigs, Baby Clothing, Reborn Supplies, Displays, Bodies, Vinyl Parts, Dolls and More

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SKU: Belly Plate J

18-20" - Unpainted Vinyl Wrap Around Nonsexed Tummy/Belly Plate - by Linda Murray, Cradle Kits

(Only 1 left)
Unpainted Vinyl Wrap Around Nonsexed Tummy/Belly Plate by Cradle Kits
Fits 19"-19" Babies.
This is a great addition to your Reborn Babies.
SKU: DK-shao

24" - Shao - Asian Toddler Reborn Doll Kit - by Adrie Stoete

(1 kit left) - 24" Sweet 'Baby Shao' by Adrie Stoete
Unpainted Vinyl Kit
3/4 vinyl arms & full legs.
Certificate Included.
SKU: c-green ruffles

Ruffles & Lace Infant Dress - Soft Mint Green

(1 left) Newborn Size
Handcrafted Heirloom Ruffled Dress.
Large Lacey Collar, Layers of Ruffles
and a Large Bow Tie in the back.
SKU: #Granite

Eyeco Soft Glass - Platinum - Granite

(1 set left) - Available in 17mm - (fits 16mm eye size)
The Platinum Glass collector quality line is Eyeco 'Living eye'
It offers a human reflection.
SKU: c-926

Boys Preemie 'Petit Ami' Gown & Hat Set - White

$29.99 $39.99
Preemie Size (1 left)
This adorable 100% cotton white gown
with blue cuff and collar and teddy stitching
It will convert to longall by buttoning front to back.
SKU: RS-220

Tool - Nylon Cable Tie Cutter

5" Flush Cutter Pliers
Cable tie cutter ideal for trimming and cutting cable ties on dolls.
Best for cutting the ends off your nylon tie fasteners.
SKU: C-47

Hospital Gift Set - Newborn Boys 3 piece - Onesie, Hat & Booties

$7.95 $10.95
(Only 1 set left)
Hospital 3 Piece Gift Set with Bunny Print

Onesie, Hat and Booties
SKU: test-torso

Unpainted - Extra Light Vinyl 17" Full Torso by Secrist - Factory Second

Only 1 Left
Full Doll Torso for 17" size doll - "Factory Second"
Can be cut to make a front Plate and Back Plate.
SKU: W-11905

16-17" Sweetie Wig

(Only 1 left) - Light Strawberry Blonde only
16-17" Full Cap Modacrylic Wig with lots adorable Curls.
SKU: c-441

Carter's Boys Sleeper - Newborn - Gray Striped Dinosaur

$6.95 $16.00
Newborn (1 left)
Soft, Carter's Sleeper/Play Outfit
Gray Striped
Dinosaur Applique on Front and Back - Fits 19" - 22" Dolls.
SKU: SB-767

17-18" Doe Suede Doll Body - Jointed for 3/4 Arms & Legs

(Only 1 left)
17-18" White Jointed Body for 3/4 Arms & Legs
Includes Nylon Ties - Fits 17" to 18" Dolls.
SKU: V-Numbles

21-22" Vinyl 1/4 Limb Set with FREE Body - by Secrist - Clearance

$19.99 $29.99
(Only 1 set left)
One Set of Unpainted 1/4 Infant Vinyl Arms and Legs
Fits a 21-22" Doll
Includes a FREE Body.
SKU: H-acorn

Acorn Head - Unpainted Vinyl Doll Head - Made in the USA by Secrist - Clearance

$29.99 $39.99
(Only 1 left)
Unpainted Head - fits the 20-21" Limb Sets.

Unpainted Soft, light colored vinyl, so very easy to root.
SKU: SW-888

14-15" Curly Sue Modacrylic Full Cap Wig by Monique

(1 left) - Black
14-15" Modacrylic Curly Sue Full Cap Wig
Lots of loose curls all over the head.
SKU: silicone-connor

*Silicone 'Connor' Head - Limited Edition - by RainBabies - Clearance

$159.00 $399.00
(Clearance Only 1 left) 60% off Silicone Doll Head "Connor" by Rain Babies

Open Mouth accepts Bottle and Pacifier
Fits 20" Doll Size - Edition size of 200
A silicone at a low price.
SKU: SW11-Nikki

16-17" Nikki Black Modacrylic Monique Wig - Clearance

$20.90 $28.90
(Only 1 left) - Available in Black Only
'Nikki' Textured Modacrylic wig for 16-17" Head Circumference
Full Cap Wig with several braids.
SKU: SW-11Navajo

14-15" Navajo - Modacrylic Monique Wig

(1 left) - Available in Black
'Navajo' Modacrylic wig for 14-15" Head Circumference
Full Cap Wig with long tendrils framing face and one long Thick Braid down the back.
SKU: SW-11BeriShy

11-12" Beri Shy - Synthetic Mohair Clear Cap Wig

(1 left - Brown Black)
11-12" Synthetic Mohair Partial Cap Wig
Great for your reborn babies.
SKU: SW-11 Infant

6-8" Infant Full Cap Modacrylic Wig

(Only 1 left in Light Strawberry Blonde)
Tiny 6-8" Full Cap Modacrylic Doll Wig.
SKU: SW-11DutchBoy

16-17" Dutch Boy Modacrylic Wig by Monique

(Only 1 left in Carrot)
Adorable Full Cap Modacrylic wig for 16-17" Head Circumference
Short Hair for Boy or Girl Doll.
SKU: SW-110178

12" Bebe Modacrylic Wig

(Only 1 left) - Brown
Cute Little short haired Full Cap Modacrylic Wig for boy or girl dolls.
Can be restyled.
SKU: SW-11 PeggySue

14-15" Peggy Sue Modacrylic Wig by Monique

(Only 1 left in Light Brown)
14-15" Modacrylic Full Cap Wig
Long Flowing Hair with Bangs.
Great for your reborn dolls
SKU: SW-11Shaine

7-8" Shaine Modacrylic Full Cap Wig - Monique's Gold Collection

(Only 1 Left in Blonde)
7-8" Modacrylic Full Cap Wig with Beautiful Long Wavy Silky Hair.
Monique's Gold Collection
SKU: bed-rose

DBS - Hand Coiled Small Doll Bed Display - Rose Floral Print

(Only 1 available) - Handmade Small Doll Bed Display.
Show off your Small Dolls up to 12" - Bed Includes a felt bed liner and small blanket.
Base measures 9.25" long x 6" wide x 3.5" high
SKU: SW-110176

14-15" Denise Long Full Cap Wig

(1 left in Carrot)
Beautiful Full Cap Long Wavy Synthetic Wig for toddler Dolls
Brush and Style this wig in many ways.
Fits Head Size 14-15"