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16 - 17" Wigs

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SKU: W-910

16-17" Bebe Modacrylic Wig by Monique

$23.95 $30.95
Available in 6 Colors
Cute Little short haired Full Cap Modacrylic Wig for boy or girl dolls.
Can be restyled.
SKU: W-911

16-17" Brittany Modacrylic Wig

$24.95 $29.95
Available in 3 Colors
Full Cap Modacrylic Wig
Can be brushed into a soft wave and restyled.
SKU: W-907

16-17" Cherish Wig

$20.95 $27.95
(Only 4 left) - Dark Brown Only
Full Cap wig for any Doll
that has a 16-17" Head Circumference.
Can be brushed & restyled.
SKU: W-906M

16-17" Essie Full Clear Cap Mohair Wig

$33.85 $39.85
Available in 2 Colors
Full Clear Cap Mohair Wig
Soft Curls, Perfect for Reborns.
SKU: W-912

16-17" Jessica Modacrylic Wig

$24.98 $30.98
(Only 1 Left in Black)
16-17" Jessica Modacrylic Full Cap Wig for the large Dolls
Brushable and Restylable.
SKU: W-913

16-17" Johnny Full Cap Wig by Monique

$22.90 $30.90
Choose from 7 colors
Cute Little short haired Synthetic Wig for boy or girl dolls.
Can be restyled.
SKU: W-901

16-17" Kristy Wig

$28.95 $36.95
Available in 5 Colors
Beautiful Long Modacrylic Full Cap Wig with Bangs.
SKU: W-909

16-17" Susie Synthetic Mohair Wig - (Runs Small)

$22.95 $28.95
Available in 2 Colors
16-17" Susie Partial Cap Synthetic Mohair Wig
Soft Infant Curls
Perfect for your reborn babies.
SKU: W-905

16-17" Sweetie Wig

$24.90 $34.90
(Only 2 left) - Light Strawberry Blonde only
16-17" Full Cap Modacrylic Wig with lots adorable Curls.
SKU: A-hair net

Hair Net for Dolls

Light Brown Doll Hair Net
Great for shipping Reborn Dolls to protect their hair.
Also use for storing dolls to keep the hair nice.
SKU: wig gluing

Instructions for Fitting and Gluing Wigs

How To Fit a Full Cap Wig
How to Glue a Partial Cap Wig
How to Glue a Full Cap Wig.
SKU: wig measure

Measure Wig Instructions & Partial Cap vs Full Cap




SKU: W-wig-colors

Wig Color Charts

Color Charts for Wig Shades.
What is Mohair?
What is Synthetic Mohair?
Partial Cap or Full Cap?