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#1 - How to Measure Wig Instructions & Color Sample Charts



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A Comparison Chart

Lauscha Weighted Flat Back Human Glass Eyes
Available in 18, 20, 22, and 24mm
Lauscha Handcrafted Glass Eyes - Weighted Flat Back from Lauscha, Germany
SKU: B Dolls

Baby Dolls by Berenguer - Playable Real Looking Babies

Playable Baby Dolls


Great Gift for your child.
See Dolls..
SKU: paper glaze
SKU: scam

Beware of Scamming Websites!!

Read this updated list and Beware of Website Scamming!
We are hearing more and more of this happening.
Make sure you are on a reputable Website.
SKU: clearance

Clearance - Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints

Save up to 80% off
All Miracle Blend Paints Reduced to price marked.

Miracle Blend Paints are being replaced by Ultimate Fusion Paints.
MB Paints are inter-changeable with Ultimate Fusion.

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Doll Eyes

SKU: kits

Doll Kits

SKU: lashes
SKU: shoes

Doll Shoes

SKU: wigs

Doll Wigs

SKU: eye measure

Eye Measurement Instructions and Tools


To measure the diameter of your doll's eyes,
the eye socket should be measured in millimeters (mm) from corner-to-corner, as illustrated.

SKU: eyebrow

Eyebrow Charts & Links

Here is a great chart for Eyebrow Help.
SKU: skin tones

Flesh Skin Tone Charts

Here is the Link to the Fitzpatrick Scale of Skin Tones

FREE - Empty Genesis Heat Set Paint Jars

FREE - Limit 2 Empty Paint Jars per order
Empty Jars, still have color in the jar that can be used
and then cleaned out and reused.
SKU: grab
SKU: Honeybug
SKU: BB-903 package

HoneyBug Pacifiers - Quantity Packages

$39.50 $73.50
Special Savings
Choose from 25 Different Packages
Includes: 10 Sweetheart Pacifiers
10 Magnets & 1 Sticker Sheet.

Designed for Reborn Dolls
SKU: 907

Honeybug Sprinkles - Sticker Sheets for Decorating Pacifiers

$2.95 $3.95
Special - Choose from 25 Different Sticker Sheets
with 12 stickers per sheet.
Decorate your Honeybug Sweetheart Pacifiers
Only 25 cents per sticker.
SKU: super glue

Make Your Doll Head & Limbs Swivel without Rings or Joints - A Great Tip with Super Glue

Paint the Flanges of Doll Head and Doll Limbs with Super Glue.
Make sure you let it dry well before assembling the kits.
This dry super glue makes a slippery surface for limbs to twist and turn easily.
SKU: needles

Needles - German Steel Rooting Needles - Choose Size and Quantity

Pack of 3 Needles - $3.57 - ($1.19 each)
Save in Larger Quantities
10 Needles @ .99 cents each.
25 Needles @ .89 cents each.
50 Needles @ .79 cents each.
SKU: pin holes

Pin Holes in Vinyl?

Reborners have found several ways to fill Pin Holes in their vinyl.......
SKU: directory

Reborn Artists Directory

If you are looking for a finished Reborn Baby or want a Custom Made Reborn Baby,
Contact any of these Reborn Artists, They would be happy to help you.
SKU: reborn supplies
SKU: ad directory

Reborners - Advertise your Reborn Business Here?


This Directory was created to connect people.
Those who are looking for a Reborn Baby and
Those who Create Reborn Babies.
Only $25.00 for 6 Month - that is only $4.17 per month.

SKU: E books
SKU: rooting
SKU: sue ellen

Sue Ellen's Free Ultimate Fusion Video Tutorials

Links to the Ultimate Fusion Primary Air Dry Paint Sets and
Links to the FREE Sue Ellen Tutorials using these paints.
SKU: test parts

Test Parts