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Product Information

SKU: diaper chart

Chart for Diaper Sizes

Diaper Sizes at a Glance
SKU: eye chart

*Comparison Color Charts of Lauscha Half Round Glass Eyes for Reborn Baby Dolls

See Colors side by side
Solid Half Round Lauscha Weighted Flat Back Human Glass Eyes
Available in 18, 20, 22, and 24mm
Lauscha Handcrafted Glass Eyes - Weighted Flat Back from Lauscha, Germany
SKU: UF-info
SKU: shoe measure

A Shoe Measurement Guide


Measure your doll's foot from heel to toe.
Add 5mm to the length of the bare foot to determine the correct size of the size.

SKU: super glue

A TIP - Rings & Plugs
Use Super Glue - Make Your Doll Head & Limbs Swivel without Rings or Joints

A Great Tip with Super Glue
Paint the Flanges of Doll Head and Doll Limbs with Super Glue.
Make sure you let it dry 24 hours before assembling the kit.
SKU: weight guide

A Weighting Guide

This is a suggested weighting guide for Reborn Dolls.
Of Course, you have the ultimate choice of weighting your baby.
SKU: UF-water info

About Adding Water

I found this information about adding water, please read.
SKU: UF-info

About Ultimate Fusion Air Dry Paints

Read all about these paints.
See all the Information that we have posted for you.
SKU: alzh info

Alzheimer & Reborn Dolls

An Article about
Reborn Dolls for Alzheimer Patients.
SKU: Info Wigs

Care of Doll Wigs

Most Doll Wigs are a synthetic material.
The hair fibers are affixed to a nylon "cap" and can come loose if combed too harshly.
SKU: Info Vinyl

Care of Vinyl Doll Parts

We strongly recommend that you keep all writing utensils, especially ink pens, away from any of your vinyl parts.
SKU: Rooting Needle chart

Chart for Different Style Rooting Needles

Rooting Needle Chart - Shows Styles of Needles
SKU: cleaning

Cleaning Brushes - My Way

"Brush Cleaning Tutorials"
SKU: Photos Jude

Closeup Photos of our Great Grandson

I took these photos while holding our new Great Grandson.
I could not help to look at him and study his features.
I wanted to share these with everyone,
SKU: UF-conv chart
SKU: tutorial-brow
SKU: Currency
SKU: Body Style

Explaining the Limb & Body Styles

There are different body styles available with our doll kits
and it can be easy to get confused as to how each body style is different.
SKU: eye chart
SKU: eye measure

Eye Measurement Instructions and Tools


To measure the diameter of your doll's eyes,
the eye socket should be measured in millimeters (mm) from corner-to-corner, as illustrated.

SKU: eyebrow

Eyebrow Charts & Links

Here is a great chart for Eyebrow Help.
SKU: skin tones

Flesh Skin Tone Charts

Here is the Link to the Fitzpatrick Scale of Skin Tones
SKU: UF-info

GENESIS Conversion to Ultimate Fusion & Mixing Chart

A mixing chart to match Genesis Colors and Ultimate Fusion Colors
SKU: UF-guide
SKU: UF-paint rub off

Help with Paint Rubbing Off

Sue Ellen writes....
SKU: video

How to Apply Stickers to Honeybug Pacifiers

Watch this video to see how to properly apply 'Honeybug Stickers' to Pacifiers.
SKU: belly plate videos

How to Attach a Reborn Belly Plate - Videos

See Videos on How to Attach a Reborn Doll's Belly Plate
SKU: baking

Instructions for Baking Tummy/Belly Plates

Instructions on baking the belly plates when using Heat Set Paints
SKU: wig gluing

Instructions for Fitting and Gluing Wigs

How To Fit a Full Cap Wig
How to Glue a Partial Cap Wig
How to Glue a Full Cap Wig.
SKU: kit info

Kit Information

SKU: mohair

Know How Mohair

You could easily fill volumes with facts about Mohair
and stories about its quality, but we want to keep it simple!
SKU: old -doll-new wig

Make an Old Doll New Again

All You Need is a New Wig
SKU: wig measure

Measure Wig Instructions & Partial Cap vs Full Cap




SKU: tutorial milk bumps
SKU: tutorial moist lips
SKU: tutorial nails
SKU: UF-mixing guide

Never Buy Plugs Again - Fabric Cotton Discs

Fabric Cotton Discs - 10 Pack
Great to Glue on Limb Openings
SKU: Lauscha

Our Trip to Lauscha, Germany

Our Trip to see Glass Eyes made.
Tap to see Photos of the town of Lauscha, Germany and the Glass Blowing Factories.
SKU: Adrie

Our Trip to Visit Adrie in the Netherlands - Aug. 2012

We had a lovely visit to meet Adrie and her son Hjalmar. I was in awe, to spend the day with her.
My Daughter Lisa and her daughter Ashlee were with me on this trip.
SKU: pin holes

Pin Holes in Vinyl?

Reborners have found several ways to fill Pin Holes in their vinyl.......
SKU: BC-questions

Questions & Answers - BC Heat Set Paints

Questions from Customers - Answers from Beatriz
You will find lots of helpful information here and answers to any questions you may also have.
Email us with Questions:
SKU: lauscha eyes

Story and Photos of Lauscha Glass Eyes

Lauscha Glass Blowers date back to 1500's.
We met with many artists, all part of the Lauscha Glass Art Federation.
Here are some pictures taken by me.
SKU: UF-club

Ultimate Fusion Art Studio & Club UF

If you have purchased UF Paints, You can join these groups.
SKU: UF-299 EMR Tool

Ultimate Fusion EMR Tool - Eraser & Mark Remover Tool


The EMR Tool - Gives you the ability to remove one or multiple layers
of CURED Ultimate Fusion paint.

For difficult to remove marks and great for Hair Painters.
SKU: UF-facebook

Ultimate Fusion Facebook Page

Ultimate Fusion FB Page - See what everyone is saying about these paints.
It's a great place to talk with others and ask questions
SKU: magnet

Videos - Magnet Information - Polarity & Attaching

Learn about the Polarity
Video clips to help you with Magnets and Reborn Dolls
SKU: W-wig-colors

Wig Color Charts

Color Charts for Wig Shades.
What is Mohair?
What is Synthetic Mohair?
Partial Cap or Full Cap?