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About Honeybug
Magnetic Pacifiers

Choose from Micro Preemie, Preemie and Newborn Sizes.

Made special for for your Reborn Baby Dolls.

Includes Magnet, which can be removed to flip over the polarity.

Link to the Honeybug Pacifers

      We will include a Free Magnet with each Pacifier.

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Read details about Honeybug Pacifiers:

These Pacifiers are specially made in South Africa. The cap snaps off and the magnet can be reversed to make the correct polarity to match to your doll.

Honeybug Micro Preemie “Cutie Pie” Pacifiers for 10”-13” also fits 14”-16” Dolls

Honeybug Preemie “Sweetdreams” Pacifiers for 14”-18” Dolls

Honeybug Newborn “Sweetheart” Pacifiers for 18” and up Dolls

Honeybug Newborn “Precious Vintage” Pacifiers for 18” and up Dolls

Honeybug “Noe Noe”
Pacifier Holders

 Honeybug “Sprinkles” Sticker Sheets for your Pacifiers.


 Not for Children under Age 12.

Swallowed or ingested magnets are dangerous and can cause death in ALL ages. Read the American Association of Pediatric's (AAP) Policy on the matter. If a magnet is ingested, please call your local emergency room immediately.

STEP 1: Recognize Paci by its name.
Honeybug consists of 4 Types of Pacifiers;
Cutie-Pie (micro preemie), Pacifiers for 10”-13” and 14”-16” Dolls

Sweetdreams (preemie), Pacifiers for 14”-18” Dolls
Sweetheart (newborn plus), Pacifiers for 18” and up Dolls

Precious Vintage (newborn plus), Pacifiers for 18” and up Dolls

STEP 2: How to assemble your Pacifiers.
All Paci's are specifically designed to 'open up' so that you can re-align the magnetic poles to suit your individual babydoll needs. Opening and closing Honeybug pacifiers are as easy as one-two-three, 
Have a look at our step by step image-instructions for your reference.

STEP 3: Honeybug Paci Sizes.
If you are concerned and need to know exactly how our paci will look on your Reborn Baby before a purchase, please take note of the sizes and measurements.

These Pacifiers are specially designed for the Reborn Baby Dolls.
No more glue or drilling - just snap off the cap, insert your
9x3mm earth magnet and snap the cap back on and it's ready
for your Reborn Baby.
Both the Sweetheart and Vintage Pacifier’s cap and base are
interchangeable between colours.

  Link to the Honeybug Pacifers