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UF Info & Charts

SKU: UF-water info

About Adding Water

I found this information about adding water, please read.
SKU: UF-info

About Ultimate Fusion Air Dry Paints

Read all about these paints.
See all the Information that we have posted for you.
SKU: UF-501

Christine Woolley's - Special Hand Trimmed Brush for Hair Painting

Christine Woolley's Brush for hair painting.
Personally hand trimmed brush with fine, nylon bristles.
She designed this brush to create fine, crisp strokes that resemble “real” hair.
SKU: UF-conv chart
SKU: skin tones

Flesh Skin Tone Charts

Here is the Link to the Fitzpatrick Scale of Skin Tones
SKU: UF-info

GENESIS Conversion to Ultimate Fusion & Mixing Chart

A mixing chart to match Genesis Colors and Ultimate Fusion Colors
SKU: UF-guide
SKU: UF-paint rub off

Help with Paint Rubbing Off

Sue Ellen writes....
SKU: UF-500

Kabuki Brush by Ultimate Fusion

NEW Amazing Brush by Ultimate Fusion
Can be used for Air Dry Paints or Heat Set Paints.
See FREE Tutorial
SKU: UF-mixing guide
SKU: UF-503

NEW - Fine Hair Brush by Ultimate Fusion

Fine Hair Brush - NEW for Silicone and Vinyl hair painting!
This brush has been designed by Lisa Sylvia.
SKU: UF-502

Pink Wash Brush by Ultimate Fusion

A WASH brush, perfect density of hair to make thin washes
(More water, less paint) a breeze,
this brush sucks up paint and lays it down superbly.
SKU: sue ellen

Sue Ellen's Free Ultimate Fusion Video Tutorials

Links to the Ultimate Fusion Primary Air Dry Paint Sets and
Links to the FREE Sue Ellen Tutorials using these paints.
SKU: UF-club

Ultimate Fusion Art Studio & Club UF

If you have purchased UF Paints, You can join these groups.
SKU: UF-299 EMR Tool

Ultimate Fusion EMR Tool - Eraser & Mark Remover Tool


The EMR Tool - Gives you the ability to remove one or multiple layers
of CURED Ultimate Fusion paint.

For difficult to remove marks and great for Hair Painters.
SKU: UF-facebook

Ultimate Fusion Facebook Page

Ultimate Fusion FB Page - See what everyone is saying about these paints.
It's a great place to talk with others and ask questions