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Clearance Mixed Items

SKU: connor head

Silicone Doll Head - Connor - Limited Edition - Rain Babies - FREE Cuddle Body -

$150.00 $500.00
Clearance - (Only 1 left - SAVE 70%)
Original Hand Sculpted and Hand Poured Silicone Connor Doll Head
Limited Edition - Makes a 20" Doll
FREE 20" Soft Doe Suede Jointed Cuddles Body with ties.
SKU: D-Resin Twin Set

*DBS Exclusive - Limited Edition - Collectible Miniature Resin Dolls Gift Set by Adrie Stoete - Retired

$99.99 $219.98
Retired - Discontinued - $99.99 for the Set - Only available on our Site
Hand Painted Miniature Resin Doll Set by Adrie Stoete
Collectible Gift Boxed with Certificates
Save $119.99 - See More Pics......
SKU: 21 - yellow cream 2

Sandie's Handmade Macrame' Large Hanging Basket Cradle for Reborn Babies

$99.00 $149.00
(Only 1 Available and only pay $7.95 shipping)
One of a kind.

Display your Reborn Baby in this 60" Hanging Basket.
See More Pics..

SKU: A-pouch

Handmade Crochet Hanging Pouch for your Reborn Baby Doll -

$24.99 $49.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
See Adrie's Doll Display and More Pictures
37" Ultra Soft Ivory Crochet Hanging Doll Display for your reborn baby
Display your baby anyway you wish.
SKU: h-teddi

Teddi - Unpainted Vinyl Doll Head - by Marita Winters -

$29.90 $49.90
Discontinued - Only 3 left
Unpainted Vinyl Teddi Doll Head

Retired Sold Out Edition - Doll Head Only
Fits a 20" Doll
SKU: h-maryann

Maryann - Unpainted Firm Head by Heidrun Deppe -

$10.00 $49.90
Discontinued - Clearance - Only a few left
Make a Cuddle Baby, See Related Body.
Great for test painting - This is a First Quality, overstock special
Unpainted Vinyl 'Maryann' Firm Vinyl Doll Head
SKU: A-98 tutu pink

Newborn Baby Girls Pink Tutu & Headband -

$8.99 $22.99
Discontinued - Only 4 left
Sweet Newborn Baby Girls Pink Tutu
with Flower Headband
Infant 0-3M  
SKU: Belly Plate M

18-20" - Wrap Around Girl Tummy/Belly Plate - by Cradle Kits, Linda Murray -

$19.95 $22.95
Discontinued - Only 4 left
Unpainted Wrap Around Vinyl Girl Tummy/Belly Plate by Cradle Kits fits 18"-20" Babies
Great addition to your Reborn Babies
SKU: R-33 Golden

Mohair - Curly Mohair for Rooting - Sophia's Heritage Collection -

$7.99 $20.99
Clearance - Discontinued Color
Golden Blonde - 1/4 oz. or 1/2 oz. - 100% High Quality Pure Mohair.
by Sophia's Heritage Collection.
Baby Fine Curly Mohair for Rooting.
SKU: secrist 8pk needles

Sale Needles 8 Pack - Choice of Size -

$5.00 $12.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
Package of 8 Needles - From our Secrist Buyout - Limited amounts available

Different Sizes - Cut & Uncut
Secrist Retail $12.99 - (All Sales Final - No Returns)
SKU: S-362

Doll Sneakers -

$4.95 $12.95
Discontinued - Only a few left
2 Color Choices - DBS Special Offer

Adorable Doll Sneakers - 1.75" x 3.75"
SKU: SS-695

Tool - Drill Bit Set of 13 Bits in Case -

$1.00 $8.99
13 Piece Drill Bit Set in Case
Perfect for making nostril holes.
SKU: RS-223

Tool - Spring Loaded Needle Nose Pliers -

$4.99 $7.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
6" Spring Loaded Needle Nose Pliers
Great for grabbing nylon ties and pulling thru.
SKU: RS-536

Tool - Needle File Set - 10 Piece Set -

$3.00 $7.99
Discontued - Only a few sets left
5.5" long - Needle File Set - 10 Piece Set
Great for smoothing vinyl holes or rough vinyl
SKU: A-67

Baby Pacifier - Set of 2 Disney Baby Pacifiers -

$3.00 $7.98
Discontinued - Only a Few Sets Left
Set of 2 Pacifiers - 1 Pink and 1 Blue

Real Baby Pacifier for your Dolls
Great for your Reborn Babies.
SKU: Hat-18

Nana's Handmade Knit Hats - Preemie-Newborn for 18" - 20" Dolls -

$2.99 $6.99
Clearance - Choose from 18 Colors
Handmade Preemie/Newborn Knit Hat for Preemie Dolls 18" to 20" Dolls
Fits Doll Head 13"-14" cm
Add a Flower or Bow Barrette
SKU: Hat-16

Nana's Handmade Knit Hats - Preemie for 16"- 18" Dolls -

$2.99 $6.99
Clearance - Choose from 15 Colors.
Handmade Preemie Knit Hat for 16"-18" Dolls
Fits Doll Head 12" - 13" circumference.
SKU: C-2

Authentic Hospital Hats - Rib Knit Pastel Bambini Hat -

$2.50 $5.95
Discontinued - Only a few left
Available in 2 Colors
Newborn Pastel Colored Bambini Hat
Sweet for your darling Baby Doll
SKU: BB-202

Magnets - 10mm x 10mm x 2mm - Square - Pack of 10 -

Discontinued - Only a few packs left
Pack of 10

Extra Strong Square Magnets - 10mm x 10mm x 2mm
Fantastic for Pacifiers real flat!
Great for Hair Accessories!
Super high powered Neodymium magnets are very
SKU: SS-537

Clay Modeling Tools - Wooden 3 piece Sculpting Set -

$1.99 $4.99
Great for the beginner or professional
Double ended tools, providing 3 tools shapes to cut, carve, smooth, and create texture when sculpting
SKU: SS-688

Clay Shaper Tools - Soft Tip -

$2.50 $4.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
Soft Tip - Clay Shaper Tools - Available in 4 Styles and 2 Sizes
SKU: C-51 bow

Baby Booties with Satin Bow -

$2.99 $4.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
Choose Blue or White

Adorable Knit Baby Booties for your Reborn Babies.
The Sole measures 3.5" long by 2" wide
SKU: RS-222

Tool - Nylon Cable Tie Cutter -

Discontinued - Only a few pair left
4.5" Flush Cutter Pliers
Cable tie cutter ideal for trimming and cutting cable ties on dolls.
Best for cutting the ends off your nylon tie fasteners.
SKU: C-50 rose

Baby Booties with Rosebud Bow -

$2.99 $4.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
3 Color Choices

Adorable Knit Baby Booties for your Reborn Babies.
The Sole measures 3.5" long by 2" wide.
SKU: C-hat-90-mp

Soft Knit Baby Doll Hat - Micro Preemie -

$1.99 $3.99
Discontinued - Limited Quantities
2 Color Choices
Adorable Soft Knit Baby Hat
Fits Micro Preemie Dolls with 8"-10" Head Size
Save in quantities.
SKU: RS-210

Tweezers - Blue EZ Lasher - Overstock Sale -

$0.50 $3.99
DBS Overstock Sale
The E-Z-Lasher grips the eyelash and shapes it to fit the curve of the eye
so that you can install the eyelash in one easy step.
See Photo of Instructions...
SKU: RS-212

Eye Caliper Measuring Tool - 8 inch Size -

$1.99 $3.99
DBS Special Overstock Offer
Eye Caliper Tool - Now you can learn what size eyes you need for your doll.
Measures eyes of all sizes in millimeters and inches.
SKU: A-98

Hair Brush - Baby Brush & Comb Set -

$1.99 $3.99
Discontinued - Only 2 left
Baby Brush & Comb Set for your sweet little reborn baby.
White with Picture (Pictures Vary).
SKU: RS-124

Mushroom Sponges - Pack of 3 Sponge Dabbers -

$2.99 $3.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
Double Ends - Mushroom Sponges - Pack of 3

Great for mottling skin tones and texture.
SKU: A-76 butterfly

Beaded Butterfly Child's Necklace and Bracelet Set -

$1.50 $3.99
Clearance - Only 4 Sets Left

Child's Beaded Butterfly Necklace and Bracelet Set - Great for your Reborn Baby Dolls.
SKU: 999

Handmade DBS Pacifier Clip with FREE Honeybug Pacifier & Magnet -

Only 4 Left
Clearance - GRAB BAG

No Color Choice - Includes a FREE Honeybug Newborn Pacifier & Magnet
Handmade Macrame' Pacifier Clip
Attach to your Reborn's clothing
SKU: RS-264

Reamer - Awl Hole Reamer -

$1.00 $2.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
This 5.5" hole reamer is ideal for melting holes in your baby doll's nostrils.
When the awl is hot you can push it right through
the vinyl for much better control.
SKU: Sale-33 F

Black - 3ml Ultimate Fusion Premium Air Dry Paint -

Only 2 Available
Small 3ml Bottle of Highly Pigmented and Concentrated Air Dry Paint
Created with Vinyl Qualities to Adhere to Vinyl
(Use by the drops)
SKU: RS-159

Scissors - 8" Size -

Clearance - Overstock Special
A great pair of 8" Scissors.
Made of stainless steel, with beveled blades.
SKU: A-79

Bracelet - Beaded Bracelet with Fastener

$1.29 $2.99
Clearance - Choose from 2 styles - White or Multi Color.
Beaded Bracelets with closure
Measures approximately 4.5 inches
Perfect for your Reborn Baby Dolls.
SKU: C-32

Socks - White Lace Baby Doll Socks with Heel -

$1.50 $2.99
Discontinued - Only a few pair left
Adorable White Lace Doll Socks with Heel
They are great for your Reborn Baby. Great for Reborn Babies Fits 17" to 22" Dolls
SKU: SW1009

Brush - 1/4" Oval Mop Brush -

Clearance -
1/4" Oval Mop Brush
For pouncing skin colors, large washes, final soft touch up.
SKU: RS-692

Paint Palette - Round PVC - 10 Wells -

$1.49 $2.99
Overstock Special Offer
7" Round PVC Paint Palette with 10 Paint Wells
Perfect for mixing & thinning paints
Great for Air Dry Paints, Acrylics or Watercolors.
SKU: A-42

Baby Pacifier - Translucent Blue -

$1.00 $2.89
Clearance - Blue Translucent Pacifier
Real Baby Pacifier for your Dolls
Great for your Reborn Babies.
SKU: 33B

Scissors - Single Sided Thinning Shears -

Discontinued - Only a few left
Use single sided thinning scissors to thin out a thick area quickly and evenly.
These thinning shears get the job done fast
making uncooperative mohair lay down better and stay in p
SKU: Bow -15

DBS Handmade Clip-on Bow Barrette - Great for Hats or Headbands -

$1.00 $1.99
Clearance - Discontinued - Choose from 14 Colors
Limited Supply - Handmade Clip-on Bow Barrette.
SKU: 1000-E

DBS Handmade Macrame' Stars Pacifier Holder Clip -

Discontinued - Only a few left
Adorable Handmade Macrame' with Star Beads Pacifier Clip
Attach to your Reborn Baby's Pacifier & Clip to their clothing.
SKU: A-701 Blue

Baby Bottle - Blue Preemie Size Bottles -

$1.39 $1.99
Overstock Special
Sweet Little Preemie Sized Baby Bottle - Blue
Great bottle for your Reborn Baby

Save More...
Buy a 3 Pack for $1.19 each or a 12 Pack for $1.00 each

SKU: A-5

Baby Headbands - Pink with Satin Bow -

$0.79 $1.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
Pink with Satin Bow

Sweet Little Baby Headband for your Dolls.
SKU: A-88

Hair Barrette - Handmade Ribbon Bow Clip -

$0.25 $1.39
Clearance - Choose Pink or Blue.
3-1/2" Ruffled Ribbon attached to Barrette Clip.
Great to add to Hair, Headband or Hat.
SKU: 703

Doll Baby Bottles for Pretend Playtime -

$0.49 $0.99
Discontinued - Only a few left
Small 5" doll bottle for pretend playtime.
SKU: RS-246

Small Paint Brush and Cap -

Clearance - Overstock Special
A great 4" brush with many uses in Reborning.
Brush comes with protective Cap
SKU: RS-250

Felt/Sponge Tipped Applicators - 7 Pc Set -

Discontinued - Only a few packs left
Easy to paint, when you get into delicate, for hard-to-reach areas.
Great for Blending and Shading.
Easy clean up.
7 Felt/Sponge tipped applicators
SKU: 33-C

Wood Craft Sticks for Paints - Large -

Discontinued - Only a few left
Pack of 50 Large Wood Craft Sticks
These are ideal to use for Blending Paints
Large Size 6" x .75"
SKU: A-paci charm

Tiny Little Paci Charms -

Clearance - Choose from 6 Colors
Tiny Plastic Pacifier Charm 12mm x 22mm
Tie it onto your new Reborn Babies wrist.
Use a ribbon to tie onto anything you wish.