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SKU: needles

Needle Packs - Clearance SALE from Secrist Buyout

Package of 8 Needles - From our Secrist Buyout - Limited amounts available
Different Sizes - Cut & Uncut
Secrist Retail $12.99 - (All Sales Final - No Returns)
SKU: RS-264

Reamer - Awl Hole Reamer - Clearance SALE

$1.00 $2.99
This 5.5" hole reamer is ideal for melting holes in your baby doll's nostrils.
When the awl is hot you can push it right through
the vinyl for much better control.
SKU: SW-hex

Sponge - Hexagon of 6 Sponges - Clearance Overstock SALE

6 Piece Sponge - 3" across
This is a buyout and we do not know if they are latex free or not.
Use Tweezers to make your own Mottling Sponge (See Photo)
SKU: RS-543

Baby Hair - Conditioner - Clearance SALE

$4.99 $9.99
(Limited Quantities)
Baby Hair - Conditioner - 8 oz Bottle
SKU: SW1009

Brush - 1/4" Oval Mop Brush - Clearance SALE


1/4" Oval Mop Brush
For pouncing skin colors, large washes, final soft touch up.
SKU: SW1005

#4 Fan Brush - Clearance SALE

(Only 8 available)
#4 Fan Brush with Nylon Bristles
SKU: RS-544

Baby Hair - Leave in Detangler - Clearance SALE

$4.99 $9.99
(Limited Quantities)
Baby Hair - Leave in Detangler - 8 oz Bottle
SKU: RS-212

Eye Caliper Measuring Tool - 8 inch Size - Overstock Clearance SALE

$1.99 $3.99
Eye Caliper Tool - Now you can learn what size eyes you need for your doll.
Measures eyes of all sizes in millimeters and inches.
SKU: RS-210

Tweezers - Blue EZ Lasher - Clearance Overstock SALE

$1.99 $3.99
Overstock Clearance
The E-Z-Lasher grips the eyelash and shapes it to fit the curve of the eye
so that you can install the eyelash in one easy step.
SKU: free

FREE - One Small Piece of Vinyl - Limit 1 Per Order

Limit - One Small Piece of Vinyl Per Order
Great for Testing your colors
SKU: buyout-9

Full Round Acrylic Eyes - Brown - Clearance SALE

$2.99 $8.95
Available in 10mm, 14mm and 18mm Size
Brown - Full Round acrylic eyes
Several Brands - Brown Shades vary - Limited Quantities
SKU: buyout-7

Full Round Acrylic Eyes - Blue - Clearance SALE

$2.99 $8.95
Available in 10mm, 14mm Size
Blue - Full Round acrylic eyes.
Several Brands - Blue Shades vary - Limited Quantities.
SKU: D-Resin Twin Set

Great Gift Set - LE Collectible Miniature Resin Dolls - Special Offer SALE

$100.00 $209.90
SAVE - Unbelievable Low Sale Price - $100.00 for the Set
Hand Painted Miniature Resin Doll Set by Adrie
Collectible Gift Boxed with Certificates
See More Pics..
SKU: pink basket 7

Handmade Macrame' Hanging Basket Cradle for your Reborn Baby - Clearance SALE

$75.00 $119.00
(Only 1 Available)
One of a kind, made by me (Sandie)

Display your Reborn Baby in this 62" White Macrame' with Pink Basket.
See More Pics..

SKU: RS-J09bright

Bright Blue - "Lifelike Eyes" - Clearance SALE

$2.99 $5.99
(Only a few left) - 22mm Size
Beautiful, realistic, Half Round acrylic eyes for use in almost any application.
Great for your Reborn Babies.