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We offer several different styles and colors of Reborn Doll Eyelashes, Preemie Lashes, Newborn Lashes, Human Hair Eyelashes, Sophia Lashes, Wispy Eyelashes, Top and Bottom Lashes, 8" strip of lashes and several different tools to help with Eyelashes.

SKU: RS-134

Glue - Loctite Instant Super Glue

Loctite Instant Super Glue - 5 gram long neck bottle
Great for Magnets too.
Great for eyelashes that virtually never come off.
See Our Tip for never needing Neck Rings again, use Super Glue.
SKU: RS-299

Lashes: Clear Thread - Light Brown - Eyelashes for Reborn Babies

Clear Thread "Light Brown" Baby Lashes - For 17" to 22" babies.
Premium Clear thread eyelashes have invisible thread, so all you can see are the eyelashes.
SKU: RS-210

Tweezers - Blue EZ Lasher

$1.00 $3.99
DBS Special
The E-Z-Lasher grips the eyelash and shapes it to fit the curve of the eye
so that you can install the eyelash in one easy step.
SKU: RS-156

Tweezers - Ultra Fine Point - Purple Soft Grip Tweezer

Ultra Fine 5" Tweezer for tiny fine detail work.
Steel Tweezer with Soft Grip, Non Slip grip, Fine Tip, Great for lashes.
SKU: RS-293

Lashes - Handmade Sophia Double Eyelashes - Top & Bottom

$3.99 $6.99
Medium Brown
Thin Delicate Double Eyelashes
Top and Bottom Lash.
These eyelashes may be trimmed to size.
SKU: RS-292

Lashes - Handmade Sophia Delicate Single Eyelashes - DBS Special

$1.99 $6.99
DBS Special Offer - Choose from 4 Colors
Thin Delicate Eyelashes
Great for your Reborn Baby.
Most Reborners can get 2 pair out of each set of lashes, by cutting them in half.
SKU: RS-209

Tweezers - Scissor Tweezer

Tweezer Scissors - Great for making your own special skin texture sponge from cosmetic sponges.
Great for Reborners.
SKU: RS-206

Tweezers - Bent Lasher Tweezer

Easily insert eyelashes on your Reborn Baby.
This helps to hold the lash in place, making the eyelashes look more natural then ever!
SKU: RS-294

Lashes - 8" Eyelash Strip - You Cut to Size

$2.99 $8.99
Special Offer - Choose from 6 Colors.
8" Strip of Thin Delicate Lashes. - Trim to desired size.
Average 3 to 4 pair per strip - (Cost .75 set)
SKU: RS-148

Scissors - Curved Blade Eyelash Scissors

Great for fine work, like lashes.
These scissors have very sharp tip.
The fine, curved points allow access to tight areas.
Total length of 3.5-inches.
SKU: RS-208

Tweezers - Fine Tip Tweezer

5" Steel Tweezer for tiny fine detail work.
Fine Tip, Great for lashes.
SKU: RS-295

Lashes - Human Hair Eyelashes for your Reborn Baby

$2.99 $6.99
Special Purchase - Choose Brown or Black.
Thin Delicate Human Hair Eyelashes
Great for your Reborn Baby.
These eyelashes may be trimmed to size.
SKU: RS-207

Tweezers - Straight Lasher Tweezer - for Sleeping Babies

Easily insert eyelashes into your closed-eyed babies,
making the eyelashes look more natural then ever!
SKU: RS-297

Lashes - Wispy Doll Eyelashes - Monique

$2.99 $5.99
Available in 4 Colors
High Quality Wispy Eyelashes, One Pair.
Great for your Reborns.
SKU: RS-296

Lashes - Preemie Baby Size Eyelashes

Black only
Preemie Eyelashes
Preemie size for dolls 16" - 18" Babies
SKU: RS-298

Lashes - Wispy Doll Eyelashes -Double, Top and Bottom Set

$3.99 $4.99
Available 4 Colors
Great Quality Wispy Eyelashes
Both Top and Bottom in one Set.
Great for your Reborns.