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Reborning Products

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Reborn Supplies for making Reborn Baby Dolls, Reborning Tools, Artist Doll Kits, Mohair, Rooting Needles, DVD's,
Instructional Material, E Books, Reborn Doll Brushes, Artist Paint Brushes, Baby Strokes, Genesis Heat Set Paints,
Ultimate Fusion Air Dry Paints, Authentic Reborn Paints, Glass Eyes, Acrylic Eyes, Doll Bodies, Doll Eyelashes, Doll Wigs,
Doll Accessories, Infant Clothing, Sculpting Supplies, Rooting Supplies, Beginners Reborning Kit,


Cable Zip Ties - Ultra Thin Nylon - 14" Long

Save More in Larger Quantities
Ten Pack of 14" Long Thin Nylon Tie Fasteners for easy Doll Assembly
Perfect for Reborners
SKU: A-5

Wonder Wafers - Baby Powder Fresh Scent

Baby Powder Fresh Scent - Wonder Wafers
Cut into pieces, and place inside your Reborn Baby for a baby-fresh baby powder scent!
Wrapped to Assure Product Freshness.
Also Available in quantities.
SKU: RS-dry rack

Drying Rack for your Vinyl Parts

Drying Rack has 8 Posts.
Dry your washed or painted Limbs.
Lightweight drying rack makes it easy to dry inside and outside.
SKU: RS-117

Fabric Discs - 10 pack - Glue on Limb Openings

Glue these soft Cotton Fabric Discs onto limb ends
to hold in pellets and stuffing.
No need to purchase expensive plugs.
These are also great for blotting paints.
SKU: RS-856

Glass Beads - Tiny Grain Size

$4.49 $5.99
Special Offer
Tiny grain size glass beads make your baby Heavier and softer.
See larger quantity offer.
SKU: RS-115

Sponge - Cosmetic Sponges (Latex Free)

Pack of 36 Sponges
Cosmetic foam wedges (Latex Free) are great for Reborning
Use Tweezers to make your own Mottling Sponge (See Photo)
SKU: RS-226

Prismacolor Premier Pencils - Great Pencil for Drawing Hair, Eyebrows and more

$2.09 $3.59
Available in 12 Shades
Prisma Pencils are great for
For "Drawing Delicate Eyebrows"
Purchase all 12 for $1.99 each
SKU: RS-127

Paper Glaze - Baby Tears

Great for that wet look
Babies have wet little eyes, noses, and mouths.
Now you can capture that very authentic look with this
Baby Tears Paper Glaze, it dries as clear and wet looking as water.
SKU: RS-145

Baby Bubble Maker

Create saliva bubbles in your baby's mouth,
using our Baby Bubble Maker.
with "Baby Bubble Solution".
Now you can create bubbles.
SKU: RS-530

Empty Jars - 10 gram Jar

Little 10 gram Paint-Safe Jar.
Store any color or color-mix in these little jars.
Save even more in quantities.
SKU: RS-140

Spray Mister Bottle, 60ml

$1.59 $1.99
Size 60ml
Always be prepared to fix your baby's hair with the Baby Hair mister
Fill it with baby hair conditioner, water or even hair spray
SKU: RS-146

Baby Bubble Solution

Create tiny baby bubbles using this clear solution!
Apply this solution to your baby's mouth then use the 'Baby Bubble Maker' to blow tiny bubbles into it.
Dries clear and wet looking.
SKU: RS-529

Empty Jars - 5g Petite Jar

$0.99 $1.09
Store your paint in this 5gm paint-safe jar.
Store any color or color-mix in these adorable little jars.
Save even more in quantities.
SKU: RS-wood rack

Drying Wood Rack - Drying & Baking

Our Wood Drying Rack goes right into the oven
for even baking of your Doll Parts.

See Our Pictures.
Holds your Doll Parts to Dry & Bake.
SKU: RS-200

Gloves - Pack of 8

8 Pack Synthetic Gloves (4 pr) - Hospital Brand
Many Uses.

Use for your hands while painting and holding the doll.
Also great for filling them with the tiny glass beads for weighting the baby.