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Reborning Products

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Reborn Supplies for making Reborn Baby Dolls, Reborning Tools, Artist Doll Kits, Mohair, Rooting Needles, DVD's,
Instructional Material, E Books, Reborn Doll Brushes, Artist Paint Brushes, Baby Strokes, Genesis Heat Set Paints,
Ultimate Fusion Air Dry Paints, Authentic Reborn Paints, Glass Eyes, Acrylic Eyes, Doll Bodies, Doll Eyelashes, Doll Wigs,
Doll Accessories, Infant Clothing, Sculpting Supplies, Rooting Supplies, Beginners Reborning Kit,

SKU: RS-224

Mottling Skin Brush Point Tool

This Tool allows you to create your own skin texture design.
SKU: RS-690

Oven Thermometer

Get good results with the right tools and equipment.
It is inexpensive and works well for setting paints on reborn babies.
Don't just trust the numbers on your ovens dial.
SKU: RS-701

Heat Gun - Official Genesis Heat Gun - for Spot Drying

$95.00 $117.00
Official Genesis Heat Gun
Use for spot drying the Genesis Heat Set paints (instead of using an oven).
With this heating tool you can do spot touch-ups on the go
when you only need to add a little more
SKU: RS-115

Sponge - Cosmetic Sponges (Latex Free)

Pack of 36 Sponges
Cosmetic foam wedges (Latex Free) are great for Reborning
Use Tweezers to make your own Mottling Sponge (See Photo)
SKU: RS-214

Reamer - Awl Hole Reamer

This 6" hole reamer is ideal for melting holes in your baby doll's nostrils.
When the awl is hot you can push it right through
the vinyl, for much better control.

Cable Zip Ties - Ultra Thin Nylon - 14" Long

Save More in Larger Quantities
Ten Pack of 14" Long Thin Nylon Tie Fasteners for easy Doll Assembly
Perfect for Reborners
SKU: RS-710

Doll or Teddy Bear Joint

$1.39 $1.99
One Joint - 45mm or 55mm
Save in Larger Quantities
SKU: RS-263

Vinyl Trimming Knife with 6 Blades

Great for Reborners.
Includes 1 knife and 6 Blades.
Great for lightweight cutting and trimming.
SKU: RS-127

Paper Glaze - Baby Tears

Great for that wet look
Babies have wet little eyes, noses, and mouths.
Now you can capture that very authentic look with this
Baby Tears Paper Glaze, it dries as clear and wet looking as water.
SKU: RS-119

Q-Tips - Designed for Reborning

Choose a Pack of 50 or 100 specially designed Q Tips.
Easily clean up when paint gets into delicate, hard-to-reach areas.
Craft-grade cotton tipped applicators!
SKU: test-soft limb

Practice Test Part - One Extra Light Unpainted Vinyl Doll Limb by Secrist

One Practice Soft Vinyl Baby Limb "Factory Seconds"
Practice your painting technique before trying it out on your doll.
Test Colors, Skin Tones, blushing, mottling, veining, creases, shading, nails, hair painting, et
SKU: RS-stuff

Poly-fil Stuffing for Doll Bodies

Available in 1/2 Pound Bag
High Quality Poly-fil.
This is a very resilient Poly-fil to stuff your babies.
SKU: RS-785

White Plastic Ball Jointed Doll Armature

Choose from 8 Sizes
White Plastic Ball-jointed Armature, bends in any direction.
Make your baby lifelike.
SKU: SS-538

Tool - 11 Pc Sculpting Set

Great for the beginner.
This set of tools includes everything you need in your sculpting endeavors.
SKU: RS-304

Wood Craft Sticks for Paints

Pack of 100 Wood Craft Sticks
These are ideal tools to use with Genesis Paint Jars and Paint Palettes.
SKU: RS-261

Vinyl Trimming Knife

For trimming and cutting vinyl parts.
This vinyl trimming knife is used for trimming vinyl parts.
SKU: RS-207

Tweezers - Straight Lasher Tweezer

Easily insert eyelashes into your closed-eyed babies,
making the eyelashes look more natural then ever!
SKU: RS-137

Artist Color Wheel for Paint Mixing - 2 sided - for Reborn Artists

Available in 2 Sizes - Small or Large
This Color Wheel has a Color Chart on both sides.

Great for mixing paint colors
A Color Wheel is ideal for showing you what color(s)
you need to mix...
SKU: RS-154

Scissors - Double Sided Thinning Shears

Use Double Sided thinning scissors when you want delicate and light thinning.
Shape the baby's hair style and give it body.
Double sided thinning shears have teeth on both side.
SKU: R-153

Scissors - Single Sided Thinning Shears

Use single sided thinning scissors to thin out a thick area quickly and evenly.
These thinning shears get the job done fast
making uncooperative mohair lay down better and stay in place.
SKU: RS-147

Tool - Tie Cutter

Cable tie cutter ideal for trimming and cutting cable ties on finished dolls.
SKU: RS-141

Squeeze Droplet Bottle

Choose from 2 sizes - 3 ml or 6 ml size.
Save your mixed thin paints.
Easily & accurately apply thinner, thinned paints or mediums.
Save by the Dozen.
SKU: RS-856

Glass Beads - Tiny Grain Size

$4.49 $5.99
Special Offer
Tiny grain size glass beads make your baby Heavier and softer.
See larger quantity offer.
SKU: RS-225

Paint Eraser

Remove tiny painting mistakes
The paint eraser is the world's smallest squeegee allowing you to completely remove tiny painting mistakes in one stroke.
Also a Great Tool for sculpting.
SKU: RS-dry rack

Drying Rack for your Vinyl Parts

Drying Rack has 8 Posts.
Dry your washed or painted Limbs.
Lightweight drying rack makes it easy to dry inside and outside.
SKU: RS-226

Prismacolor Premier Pencils - Great Pencil for Drawing Hair, Eyebrows and more

$2.09 $3.59
Available in 12 Shades
Prisma Pencils are great for
For "Drawing Delicate Eyebrows"
Purchase all 12 for $1.99 each
SKU: RS-219

Paint Palette - Glass - for Oil or Air Dry Paints

Available in 2 Sizes.
Getting just the right amount of paint on your brush
is easy with the glass paint palette
Perfect for mixing & spreading paints into thin layers.
SKU: RS-255

Spatula Set - 12 Piece

12 Tiny White Plastic Spatulas in 3 Styles
These are ideal tools to use with Paint Jars,
Paint Pallets and Mixing Paints.
Wipe Clean, washable and re-usable.
Much easier to clean then a brush.
SKU: RS-227

Eyebrow Pencil Sharpener

Black Single Sharpener, 8mm
Approx Dimentions: 1" x 1 1/2"
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene),
Steel Blade
SKU: RS-250

Felt/Sponge Tipped Applicators - 7 Pc Set

Easy to paint, when you get into delicate, for hard-to-reach areas.
Great for Blending and Shading.
Easy clean up.
7 Reusable Felt/Sponge tipped applicators
SKU: RS-146

Baby Bubble Solution

Create tiny baby bubbles using this clear solution!
Apply this solution to your baby's mouth then use the 'Baby Bubble Maker' to blow tiny bubbles into it.
Dries clear and wet looking.
SKU: RS-145

Baby Bubble Maker

Create saliva bubbles in your baby's mouth,
using our Baby Bubble Maker.
with "Baby Bubble Solution".
Now you can create bubbles.
SKU: RS-140

Spray Mister Bottle, 60ml

$1.59 $1.99
Size 60ml
Always be prepared to fix your baby's hair with the Baby Hair mister
Fill it with baby hair conditioner, water or even hair spray
SKU: RS-131

Glue - Aleene's Tacky Glue

Available in 3 sizes - 2/3 oz bottle, 2 oz bottle or 4 oz bottle
Aleene's is a top name in Tacky Glue.
Great for Rooting or Gluing Wigs, Eyelashes, etc.
SKU: RS-134

Glue - Loctite Instant Super Glue

Loctite Instant Super Glue - 10 gram long neck bottle
Great for Magnets too.
Great for eyelashes that virtually never come off.
See Our Tip for never needing Neck Rings again, use Super Glue.
SKU: RS-122

Sponge - Sea Silk Sponge

2" - 2 1/2" Sea Silk Sponge make wonderful skin and
blush texture patterns on your baby.
SKU: RS-123

Sponge - Sea Wool Sponge

3" Sea Wool Sponge make wonderful skin and
blush texture patterns on your baby.
SKU: RS-541

Magnifier - Large Hands Free Magnifier

$9.95 $16.95
Large hands free magnifier - 2X power. 4X Spot Lens.
Great for Reborners to paint close detail work and Rooting Heads.
SKU: RS-124

Sponge - Artist Pack of 4 sponges

Sponge Pack - 3 Natural and 1 Synthetic Sponge.
Sponges make wonderful skin and blush texture patterns on your baby.
SKU: RS-260

Mini Brushes for Detail Painting - 2 Piece Set

$0.99 $1.99
When you want to paint detail, these Mini Brushes
are great value for veining, eyebrows, creases wrinkles, etc.
SKU: RS-208

Tweezers - Fine Tip Tweezer

5" Steel Tweezer for tiny fine detail work.
Fine Tip, Great for lashes.
SKU: RS-148

Scissors - Curved Blade Scissors

Great for fine work, like lashes.
These scissors have very sharp tip.
The fine, curved points allow access to tight areas.
Total length of 3.5-inches.
SKU: A-5

Wonder Wafers

Baby Powder Fresh Scent - Wonder Wafers
Cut into pieces, and place inside your Reborn Baby for a baby-fresh baby powder scent!
Wrapped to Assure Product Freshness.
Also Available in quantities.
SKU: RS-262

Vinyl Trimming Knife Blades

5 Piece Replacement Blades for trimming and cutting vinyl parts.
SKU: RS-206

Tweezers - Bent Lasher Tweezer

Easily insert eyelashes on your Reborn Baby.
This helps to hold the lash in place, making the eyelashes look more natural then ever!
SKU: RS-700

Heat Tool for Spot Drying Paints

Heat Tool with Instructions
Excellent for spot drying Genesis paints,
If you just need to touch up paints on a small area, such as lips, fingers or toes, it's perfect.
SKU: RS-211

Eye Measuring Tool - 4 inch Pocket Size

Now you can learn what size eyes you need for your doll.
Measures eyes of all sizes in millimeters and inches.
SKU: RS-209

Tweezers - Scissor Tweezer

Tweezer Scissors - Great for making your own special skin texture sponge from cosmetic sponges.
Great for Reborners.
SKU: pillow

Rooting Pillow - Handmade - The Best Product for Rooting Doll Heads

Ready to Use
This will hold baby's head securely as you root.

Handmade Pillows by my daughter "Missie".
Proceeds go to her ongoing Cancer Expenses.
Read all the reviews...

SKU: RS-116

Cotton Rounds Package of 40

Package of 40 Cotton Rounds.
Reborners love these.
Great to use in painting and coloring skin tones.
Also use to glue on limb ends to hold in pellets and stuffing.