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Handmade Rooting Pillow - The Best Product for Rooting
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These Rooting Pillows are Handmade by my oldest daughter, Missie.
She is a "Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor"
but she still has ongoing treatments that are not covered by insurance.
All proceeds from these pillows go to help her with these expenses.
Read the Reviews under the "Review Tab"
No matter if you are new to reborning or have been creating babies for years,
I believe this is a must have.
I have never rooted a whole head of hair at one sitting. I always have to do a few hours and then put it away. With this pillow, I just leave the head on the pillow, and it is exactly where I need to start when I get back to it.
I have tried a multitude of other things, and I have found this to be perfect.
Rooting a head is a long process but this rooting pillow will make your job twice as easy. This sweet little pillow holds baby’s head securely as you root. No matter which way you turn or lay the head it will stay in place as you root.
I love this Rooting Pillow, I really do. I am sure you will find that it is so handy,
you won’t know how you got along without it.
No more matted hair !
Pillow has a silk like bottom so it turns easily on your lap but not so slick that it will slide off.
It has a very soft Cream Flannel for top.
Sides of the Pillow have a printed fabric and Prints Vary.
It is stuffed with a downy cluster filling, that adjusts easily to accommodate baby’s head.


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Reviewer: Julia
06/20/2018 04:52pm
I can never imagine rooting without this pillow! What a lifesaver. best reborning tool I own! Worth every penny :)
Reviewer: Sara M.
10/08/2017 01:01pm
I had been using a makeshift rooting pillow for the longest time to root my dolls, but I found myself having to make adjustments every few minutes which wasted so much time. I finally decided to try out this rooting pillow and I am SO glad I did! I will NEVER go back!!!
Reviewer: Amanda
05/08/2017 04:47pm
Wow! What a great product, why did I wait so long to get this and how did I do without it.
So glad now, it sure makes it easy.
Thanks, Amanda
Reviewer: Maryann
03/14/2017 10:47am
I am absolutely thrilled with this. I don't know how I did without it. It is the perfect answer for my rooting troubles. Love love love it!!!!
Reviewer: Joyce King
08/27/2014 12:42am
I love this! It really helps. I don't get all the mohair all over me. It stays in the pillow! I love being able to leave the head in it and come back to it later, and everything is ready to pick up where I left off. I can do the back of the head with the face down and not worry about damaging eyes. I can root while watching tv and everything is contained in the pillow!
Reviewer: Kerri
08/16/2014 11:51pm
Love, love, love this pillow! What a great investment at a great price. Makes rooting so much easier and is very useful as well as comfy! The head doesn't slide around and it's light weight, so easy to move around. I like to put a couch pillow underneath it to raise it up a bit, but I love it!!!
Reviewer: Jannie
03/27/2013 05:17pm
What a fabulous product. I love mine!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Darlene Bissonnette
09/24/2012 01:34pm
Fabulous!! It lies comfortably on my lap, holds the head in place effortlessly, and best of all, it doesn't matte the hair. I LOVE it!! I consider it a 'must have item."
Reviewer: Manda
09/10/2012 07:24pm
What a great idea, I love it, Just got mine a few days ago, what a life saver, It works so well, keeps my hands off the painted head, the pillow holds the head so nicely, does not matt the hair, i am truly amazed and wished I knew about this before.
Reviewer: Robin
08/27/2012 07:10am
I just received this pillow last week and already I am in love with it and cannot do without it.
Where has this been for the last few years that I have been reborning.
What a time saver.
Reviewer: judy
08/27/2012 07:07am
What a fabulous pillow. It just made the rooting of the head so much easier. It holds it so nice in place,
Thank you, I love this!!!!
Reviewer: Tiffeny
08/27/2012 02:18am
I bought this pillow and I am so happy I did. It makes rooting the dolls so much easier and it contains the loose hair really well. The head stays in place as your rooting and decreases the amount of misplaced hairs.
Reviewer: April
08/12/2012 01:03pm
I love this pillow! It keeps my doll head in place so I don't waste all that time chasing it around and repositioning it :) It's perfect size, shape and stays in place. Best investment ever made when it comes to rooting supplies!!
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