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Baby Bubble Solution
SKU: RS-146
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Create saliva bubbles in your baby's mouth using our Baby Bubble Maker with "Baby Bubble Solution".

Now you can create bubbles as perfect as these using our baby bubble maker!

Apply the clear solution to your baby's mouth then use the Baby Bubble Maker to blow tiny bubbles into it.

Dries clear and wet looking. 6 ML bottle of bubble solution.

The Baby Bubble Solution has the perfect surface tension to hold those bubble til they dry. It comes in an eyedropper bottle that gives you enough solution to do up to 100 babies.

To use: Apply a small amount of Bubble Solution to the lips and inside the mouth.

Make sure there's enough to form a tiny "puddle" of solution.

Now, place the tip of the Bubblemaker into the solution and gently press the end.

You will see bubbles form in the solution. At first they may pop, but keep gently forming new bubbles until you have a bubble pattern you like.

Once you're done, set the head gently somewhere to dry. It will take a couple of hours to dry.

Make sure you wash out the Bubblemaker thoroughly by squeezing plain water into it and blowing it back out several time, and then shake it hard to get all the water out of the long thin tube and store until next use.

This product is as clear as water and holds tiny bubbles just like real saliva. 

The Baby Bubble Maker is perfect for blowing tiny bubbles in your dolls mouth that give it that added realism seldom seen in a reborn baby. 

Bubble Maker


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