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The Whole Story

About Us - The Long Version

We are a Proud Family Business,  satisfying customers for 48 years.

Our first priority is to provide excellent quality products and customer service. We strive to impress our customers and meet or exceed their expectations.

We are absolutely committed to honesty and integrity with everyone we come into contact with.

Here is our story:

About our Family.... 

My name is Sandie and my husband's nickname is Moonie.
Let me explain that nickname first, He has been called 'Moonie' since the 4th grade, when he had one of those buzzed off little boy hair cuts.

So after all those years, we forgot his real name :)

You see, we have been together as a steady couple since 6th grade.  We were roller skaters and stayed together thru our teens, in our Competitive Skating, we were School Sweethearts.

We married 2 years after High School and are now married 55 years.

 We were born and raised right here in this small town in Pennsylvania.

 Our family now consists of 3 grown and married children, 2 Daughters and a Son.
They all live near by and have families of their own.

They have given us 8 Grandchildren, now ranging from 31 years old, down to 15 years old.

and 2 Greatgrandsons, one is age 3 and 1.  How wonderful is that!
We are a very close Family and Our Home is the Gathering Place, and we love it.

 About our business...
We started as a Ceramic Business in 1972, with my love of painting and artwork, sculpting, and molds.
We had a very successful studio with a waiting list of students who wanted to learn from me.

 My love of dolls then took me into another direction, vinyl.
And I joined the Apple Valley Team in 1995 and that is when I establised "Dolls by Sandie".  I love Dolls, however, I had a very tough time saying I made them. After working all those years with pouring molds and playing in clay, along came these beautiful dolls, that we just had to assemble, so it was very difficult to say, "I made this".

I juggled the Ceramic Shop and the Doll Business.
I would leave the shop to our daughters at times, so we could travel to Craft Shows, both with our hand poured and painted items and the Apple Valley Dolls.  What a contrast, but what fun we had.

We soon realized the Vinyl Dolls were taking over and we traveled the craft circuit in 7 States for 7 Years, doing about 20 to 25 Shows a year. The Apple Valley Dolls were then our biggest sellers.  

Everyone loved them.
And we made many friends at the different shows who became repeat customers.

 So now, we had the Ceramic Shop and the Craft Show circuit, what next!!!

Then the kids said to me, "You need a website"!!!!  That was in the year 1999.

'ME', who never sat at a computer, although I was a secretary for 4 years before the children came. So, at least, I could type.  Well they bought a computer and a little desk and turned me loose.
I was on my own from there. I loved it!!!!

Our website is now 21 years old. I worked so hard at building it, that we stopped traveling to shows in 2002 and closed our shop in 2003.  We became Internet Only with the Doll Business.

The name, "Dolls by Sandie", was the name I chose way back, when I started. Because, back then, that is what I did, made Dolls.  But today, I am a dealer/distributor for many major companies and many great doll sculpters/artists.
I kept the business name, because I built it and my customers knew me by that name.

Our youngest Daughter Lisa, joined us in 2004 and then early in 2018 our oldest daughter joined us.

In 2019, the 2 girls took over the business and they now run the shop completely.

My husband and I kind of retired and now I only work on the website daily. Always improving it, changing it, updating it, and adding to it.

Here we are today, dedicated to our site, and dedicated to serving you.

Our goal is to bring you NEW and Exciting, High Quality Dolls, Doll Kits, Doll Items, and Reborn Supplies, with prompt professional service.
We love what we do, and if you have any ideas, please let me know. I am happy to work with you.


 Sandie, Lisa and Missie