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Creating Delicate Eyebrows - Mini Tutorial
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      Creating Delicate Eyebrows

In this blog I used:

  • Premixed Eyebrow Paint
  • Eyebrow Brush #290 - 18/0
  • Thick Medium

    Creating Delicate Eyebrows

Up to now it seems that only the pros have been able to create newborn eyebrows with fine lines. But YOUR reborn baby can have those incredibly delicate eyebrows too. You will need three things in order to do this: the right tools, the right supplies, and a little practice.

Painting Delicate Eyebrows

Apply just about a ¼ penny size amount of paint

Premixed Eyebrow Paint  to a flat glass palette.

Drag brush through a thin film of paint.

Next, drag the brush

through the thin film of the eyebrow paint.

Mark where your eyebrows will go as shown in the above image.  Then paint the remaining hairs in between these three. Make them of varying lengths with short ones in between the long ones.

Heat set the eyebrows when you are satisfied.  Remember, you can ADD more brows later but you can't remove them once they are set.  Start sparingly and add more as needed.

Adding Dimension

You can add even more dimension and realism to your baby’s eyebrows by using Thick Medium.

Apply a small amount of  Thick Medium to the center of a flat glass palette.

Paint on the mix in the same manner as you would an eyebrow hair. Don’t try to paint the mix on every hair or you will lose the 3D effect and have just a clear blob all across your eyebrows.


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Reviewer: Chris Jones
01/04/2009 07:01am
I think your tutorials are really cool ...thanks !!!
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