Real Eyes Brand - Blue - Made in the USA

Available in 16, 18 and 22mm Size
Oven Safe - Half Round Eyes by Real Eyes & Secrist
Created with the Reborner in mind, these adorable eyes are so real.
Retail $6.99
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1 Pair of Oven Safe - Half Round Eyes from Real Eyes & Secrist.

It will make you think you are looking into a real infants eyes, with the depth and coloring.

About Real Eyes - Oven safe

Quality, Color, and Cooking
Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes are made of the highest quality optical grade acrylic available on the market. They are made using a patented process that means your doll's eyes will never change color and will keep their incredible realism the entire lifetime of the doll.

Made in the USA

Delicate Detail and Realism

When you reborn or newborn a vinyl doll you will put a lot of detailed effort into your creation.

Why? Because the little details that you add to your baby will make a big difference to your customers.
The finer the detail, the more beautiful the doll.

This is also true of the eyes that you use.
Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have the tiny little details in the iris that you would expect to see in a real newborn.

You can see the twinkle in the baby's eye even with this dark iris.
That's because there are very faint hints of color through out making the Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes come to life in a way seldom see in doll eyes.

Lastly, Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have an actual glass-like lens over the iris of each eye to magnify the light coming in to the pupil, just like a real newborn baby's.

The Beauty of Glass

Secrist Newborn Eyes and Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes have the beauty of glass but the strength of polymer.
That's because they are made of the same optical grade polymer that eyeglasse lenses are made from.

This elegant material reflects the glossy highlights and clarity of glass without the fragile disadvantages.
You can actually see the magnified light reflect in the eyes just as you would with a newborn.

Oven Safe

Real Eyes Brand Doll eyes and Secrist Newborn eyes are oven safe up to 270 degrees for a 20 minute bake cycle in polymer clay doll sculptures.

When using our eyes in a sculpt simply place your clay sculpt in the center of the oven and bake.

Another method to protect polymer eyes during baking is to lay a sheet of aluminum foil loosely over the front of the face during the baking process.

This shields the eyes from the direct radiant heat of the oven coils but allows the warm air to cook the polymer clay.

Be sure to check your oven with an oven thermometer to determine the proper setting to achieve the safe and correct temperature.

Retail $6.99 pr

Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes can also be Baked inside of clay, porcelain, ceramic and other mediums.

OVEN SAFE to 270 degrees Fahrenheit.

sara on 03/27/2011 04:38am
These eyes are great! They look better in person and a beautiful blue but not fake looking. I did everything to them heated them, got glue on them and wiped glaze off them and even accidently fried eyelashes off and the eyes stayed perfectly beautiful luckily you'd never know! Now that the baby is complete I got a lot of compliments on how great the eyes look! Very nice vivid dark blue but not so dark u can't tell that its blue like some eyes. This is the color my baby had when he was born a preemie.

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