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Layaway & Payment Policy

We would like to help you with any Layaway or Payment Plan.
We do not charge for this Service. See further description below.

We would like to help you with any Layaway or Payment Plan.

We do not charge for you to do a (3 Month) Layaway Order.

This is a Free service we provide to help you.

It is your responsibility to see that this is paid in 3 Months. WE WILL NOT HOLD LONGER THAN 3 MONTHS.

HOW TO PLACE A LAYAWAY ORDER: (Minimum Order $50.00)

1. Add your Item(s) to your Cart.

2. Go to checkout

3. Choose the Payment Option of Layaway.


  • We will email you an invoice for the full amount of your order. (This will allow you to make partial payments anytime)
  • A minimum Deposit of $25.00 or more is due upon receipt of the invoice. This is applied to your order.
  • If a deposit is not made within 24 hours of receiving the invoice, this will be canceled.
  • You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card, or Debit Card


Details: We will not hold any item/items until a deposit is made.

Once a deposit is paid, we Pack & Hold this order for you for a 3 month period only.

The payment plan is up to you..... weekly payments, bi- monthly payments, monthly payments or whenever you wish.

You are responsible to decide when and how much to make in payments. 

Save the invoice and make a payment whenever you choose.

We will update your account each time a payment is made, so this way you will know your balance.

Please Note...Once an order is placed on layaway, it is packed and held just for you.

We do not change items in this packed order nor do we add items. Please do not ask us to do that.

We offer this option to help you get your order. We pack this just for you and hold it.

There is no refund or transfer of payment, if you cancel the Layaway.

You will forfeit any payments and the layaway items if it is not paid by the 3 month time period.

You will be given ample emails to let you know the time is nearly up.

This is your responsibility to see that your layaway is paid.