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Paper Glaze - Baby Tears - Great for that wet look
SKU: RS-127
List Price: $6.99
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Many reborners forget the most crucial step to making their baby "come to life."

Are you using Baby Tears on the eyes and lips?

 This simple, yet incredibly important step, is the #1 most identified part of bringing a baby doll to life by non-reborners (i.e., your customers!).

When you use Baby Tears and a stranger sees your doll for the first time you'll be amazed at how they will comment on the incredibly life like eyes and how the lips look like they could move at any moment!

Baby Tears in a bottle drys as clear and wet looking as water.

We all remember the watery eyes and wet little noses that come with little baby's.

We also remember those little baby tears.

Now you can recreate those memories with Baby Tears in a bottle from Aleene's Paper Glaze.

It goes on thick enough that it won't run all over the place when you use it.

You can even brush it on in multiple layers to make the wet look deeper and deeper.

This product will really add to your artist tool box when it comes to making realistic newborn babies.

FREE Baby Tears Tutorial

Baby Tears - Babies have wet little eyes, noses, and mouths.

Now you can capture that very authentic look with our new Paper Glaze product. This glaze pours out thick like Elmers glue and runs enough to create tears down a baby’s cheek. Best of all it dries crystal clear and very wet looking.

This product adheres very well to the vinyl. You can even add more layers of glaze as the previous layer dries. In this way you can make the tears and wetness look even deeper. This is the next step in producing real looking babies.

Do NOT Bake


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Reviewer: Nika
05/20/2015 11:30am
I love love love this product! it adds realism to the eyes and lids and looks so real and wet. Its awesome.
Reviewer: Sara
07/03/2011 12:21am
Must have product for realism! I was amazed at how great it looks! I added it inside the mouth of a reborn that had a partially open mouth and it made it look so real. Add also to lips, eyes and inside nose (anywhere you want to look wet) for a natural lifelike look. Use a paintbrush to add carefully. You will love it and might be tempted to over do it but a little is all you need so try not to give it tons of tears and a runny nose just because u can (I see this a lot!). A few tears or making it look wet along the rims of the eyes or even a little
wet under the nostril make the baby come to life.
This is one of the best reborning secrets used in making prototypes and you will not regret buying it!
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