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Wig Color Charts

Color Charts for Wig Shades.
What is Mohair?
What is Synthetic Mohair?
Partial Cap or Full Cap?

Color Charts are for viewing the Wig Shades Only  (Chart is not for sale)


What is Synthetic Mohair?

Synthetic mohair is a man-made  mohair, is different from  Angola mohair

Which is natural, wild animal's wool. Synthetic mohair is a synthetic  fiber

But it's the same character with the mohair: very soft and obedient. It

suitable  for small Size doll wig. Compare with the Mohair It has the

advantage that the length is not restricted, can be infinitely long.


What is Mohair?

Mohair refers to a silk-like fabric or yarn which made of the hair of the docile goat from Angora region. One of this specific goat is able to produce 11 to 17 pounds of mohair in a year. Shearing is done on a clean swept floor with intensive care taken to keep the hair clean and free from debris.

Essentially, this mohair is shorn from the goat without harming the animal. Shearing is done only twice a year, in the spring and fall, for the reason that the weather is not too chilly-cold for this goat.

As the characteristic of this mohair is so soft and its texture which resembles fine human hair, mohair is extremely perfect in making high quality cap-wig.
Also, much longer is much more expensive, because there is not more than 1% per bundle of raw mohair is longer than 6.