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Warming the Doll Head for Rooting - Make a Rice Sock

Rice sock

HOW TO MAKE A RICE SOCK - Great for warming a Doll Head to Root the Hair

Use one clean white sock - new or used

Pour 1 to 1-1/2 cups of white rice into this sock.
Tie a knot near the top of the sock.  Make it squishy and floppy feeling.

*Put this sock in the microwave and sit a half cup of water next to it. 

*Heat for 30 second increments, check to see if it is warm enough. If not heat again, until you get it as warm as you want it.

*The water alongside prevents scorching, but it's still possible to overheat the rice and boil the water creating a mess! 

*Find the appropriate heating time for your microwave, This will help for future heating ot the rice sock.

*Next, stuff the hot rice sock into the doll's head and let it sit for about a minute upside down. 

*This will heat the top of the head to maximum warmth and make the vinyl much softer for easier rooting. 

*The heat will last about an hour inside the doll's head. 

*Repeat heating the sock as often as needed.