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My Story of the "History of Reborning"


Welcome to our site.
    I personally started making dolls in 1995 with the Apple Valley Doll Company, buying their Painted Doll Parts and assembled them. We sold these completed dolls at shows and we made them at shows. The customer chose the Face, Eye Color, Wig and Clothing and within 1/2 hour walked off with their Custom Doll. 
    I was also buying finished dolls, like Aston Drake and Berenguer Dolls. Because they had stuffed bodies and by taking them apart and adding weight to them, and also a painting a little bit more, like blushing areas of the doll and adding more details. Then adding a wig.
    That was where I started changing the appearance and the feel of the dolls.
my kids told me I needed a website, that was 1999. At that time, was born.
   Then in about 2002, someone in the UK poured a thin purple paint into the inside of the vinyl parts and it gave a more skin type coloring of a newborn. That instruction sheet called "Purple Wash" sold for $3.00. Funny to think about it now. But over time this "Purple Wash", turned the doll dark in color. So that process ended.
    Most early Reborners were taking dolls apart and re-doing them, by adding weight to the body, head and limbs, and stripping the factory paint off and custom painting the doll their way.
    Somewhere around that time, I was visited by the Berenguer Doll Company and the Ashton Drake Doll Company. I had told them at a doll show, just what we were doing to their dolls. And they wanted to know more.
    I told them we would take their dolls apart and ship them in parts to customers to make their own. This was fun for customers and cheaper to ship overseas then the doll itself. I had asked these companies to produce just the unpainted parts for us and we can offer customers the kits. It would be to their advantage to do this. As this part of the doll industry was growing very fast. Customers wanted to custom make their own doll.
    This grew fast and furious. German customers were our largest customer base. Berenguer Company produced their first Kits. Unpainted vinyl parts exactly like their their molds of their finished dolls. They even named one Kit "Sandie".  Then Secrist started making softer vinyl kits at that time.
Next came individual artists sculpting and producing kits. The rest is History.
    Our Daughters, Lisa and Missie are now taking care of the business. I kind of Retired, But I am still involved.
I can't help it. I love it.
    Reborning a Doll is not a direct science of 'must do' this and 'must do' that. Each Reborner learns from experience, what works and doesn't work for them.
They find their own preferences of Products and Painting the way they like it best.
    What we have done, is assemble a Package for Reborners and we sell it at Cost, not Retail. It contains all you need in one package. We Created These Packages to help new customers get started. This way you have what you need to create your first doll and the paints and tools will make many more dolls.
   An E Book is sent via Email when you purchase, this way you can study it ahead of the kit arriving.
    On our site you will see many varieties of products, again it becomes a personal choice of what you like.
All our doll kits are Legal Kits, We would not dishonor Sculpters by selling cheap fake copied kits.
    The Beginner Packages will have all products you will need to begin your journey. You will learn even more by joining "Doll Forums" and see what others are doing.
We offer a lot of free information also under the  Doll Facts & Links
    Here is the page of all  the Beginner Packages. You can work with Heat Set Paints or Air Dry Paints.
You can start with a complete package including a kit or choose a Package with no kit, if you already have a doll or kit.
It is your choice.
This is the best way to get all supplies needed and the least expensive way.
These Packages are specially designed for Beginners and sold at cost. It helps you to get started into the Art of Reborning.
It carries everything you will need to start and helps you get started in this hobby.
    This Package includes Heat Set Paints, a doll kit, body and everything you need to make a Reborn Doll.
You can see the list of products in each package offered. The paints will do a lot of dolls and last a long time. All products can be used again except for the doll kit itself.
You will also receive an E BOOK with step by step instructions and lots of photos.

This Package has exactly the same products, except it includes Air Dry Paints.

Beginners Reborn Pack with Doll Kit & Ultimate Fusion Air Dry Paints - E Books #6 & #19


These next 2 packages include all the same products except the doll kit is NOT Included.

Beginners Reborn Pack with Genesis Heat Set Paints - E Book #19

Beginners Reborn Pack with Ultimate Fusion Air Dry Paints - E Books #6 & #19


We also offer E Books,  which explain the process of Reborning step by step with lots of photos.

You can purchase  E Books with different skin tone directions.

You will get a FREE E Book with any of our Special Beginner Packages.

Hope this information helps you, and Welcome to Reborning!
Thank You, Sandie, Lisa and Missie