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Cleaning Brushes - My Way

"Brush Cleaning Tutorials"

Cleaning Your Authentic Reborn Brushes

Like any brush you can use a paint thinner or brush cleaner. However, better yet,  use Dawn dish soap.

Here is My Way!

I personally put a little Dawn Soap on my brush, then I swirl it around really well in the palm of my hand. I rince and repeat again until I see no color or know it is clean.

I feel that my hand can blend the soap into the bristles much better then in a dish, and I can mold it as I go.

I also massage the larger brush bristles well with the soap. Then rince and repeat until clean. A much milder way to treat your brushes.

I have been doing it this way for 50+ years.

I also have another tip that I have used all these years...

But you may not like it, I must say it has worked great for me all these years of painting.

When I am done cleaning my detail brush, I put the brush in my mouth and pull back out, molding the bristles as I pull it out.

The saliva holds my bristles together until I use it again.

Just remember to clean that brush first, I have already stuck it in my mouth without cleaning. 

Thats another story.

Rince when you are ready to use again, the bristles have stayed in place and this kept the brush like new.

That is the way I treated my detail brushes all these years, and I always had long lasting pointed detail brushes.



Cleaning Your Authentic Reborn Brushes if you don't want to use your hands

Like any brush you can use a paint thinner or brush cleaner. However, better yet,  use Dawn dish soap. 

It is a gentler method and it works just as well and is easier on your brushes, no matter what brand you have.

Put a drop or two of Dawn dish soap in the bottom of a cup or small bowl.

Thoroughly coat all the bristles with the soap buy swirling the brush bristles around in the soap.

Then add an ounce of water and continue swirling around the bristles.

After you are certain the bristles have all been coated rinse the brush off under running water.

Once the soap is all gone reshape the bristles with your fingers and leave to dry for your next use!