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Kit Information

kit info

Please inspect your Kit upon arrival.
   * Please inspect every part of your doll kit BEFORE adding any paint, glue, hair, etc. 
Altered doll kits will not be eligible for returns
NO RETURN and NO REFUND will be given on any Kit if Painting/Reborning has been started in any form or heating was done.

Our Kits are inspected carefully before shipping to you, but we occasionally do miss something
Any issues must be addressed immediately.
Our return policy is 7 days after the receipt of the kits.
After this time, kits/parts will not be replaced. We will only replace parts with factory flaws.

Specs in vinyl are not flaws (Please read NOTE below**)

Replacement parts will be sent only after we receive clear pictures of the flaw
We will replace parts at our discretion and only if possible (due to availability)

We are not be responsible for:
   * Heating or Overheating a kit
   * Kits that have been sliced with a sharp instruments
   * Kits improperly stored leading to mold issues
   * The transfer of paint, ink or print to the kit

Do not heat kits stuffed with poly-fil, the poly-fil will expand and will cause the vinyl to split
Do not heat a kit and then cool it rapidly, it will also cause the vinyl to split
Storing Kits:

  • Inspect the kit first
  • Store in a dry place
  • Do not use bags with print on them
  • Leave a small opening in the bag to let any moisture escape
  • It is wise to wrap them in white, acid free tissue paper
  • If you wash the parts and store them, make sure that the parts are completely dry first, moisture will collect in the fingers, toes and flanges of the kits
  • Vinyl is very susceptible to mold issues if not stored properly, especially if you live in a damp climate
  • Do not store kits or parts in a basement or a moist environment.

**NOTE: Tiny Specs in Vinyl (following information provided directly from a reknown sculptor)
"Unfortunately, sometimes there are dark specs in the vinyl paste that they are pouring into the molds.
The factory can not eliminate these completely. It is something we can not change because the factory receives the paste from the creator and these tiny particles are in the paste.
They do sort the vinyl kit parts out that have bad specs on the face when they see and recognize it or, when there is a bigger spot somewhere else. Sometimes they overlook it when they pack the parts. Normally after painting it is fine and the very tiny specs are covered with the paint. We know this is very annoying. We have been struggling with this problem since the beginning of blank kits. It is very frustrating sometimes for us sculpters, but fortunately most reborners accept these tiny specs and can handle them."