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Thinning Medium - Genesis Heat Set Paint

Available in 2 Sizes - 10 gram jar or 1 oz jar (4oz Jar is temporarily SOLD OUT)
Great to thin Genesis Paints.

Choose from - 10 gram jar or 1 ounce jar - Genesis Heat Set Paint (4 oz jar is SOLD OUT)

Thinning Medium is a clear gel which can be mixed with the paint to give Genesis paints a thinner, more fluid consistency. You should not use more than 40% thinning medium to paint in order for a proper cure of the paints. On dolls, this product may cause a small amount of shine. This can be easily dealt with by using a final coat of Matte Varnish.

Genesis Thinning Medium is perfect for making lips and eye brows even more life like.
Use it to make your Genesis paints spread like satin.
Also use it to make your colors more transparent like real baby lip color.
Thinning Medium is perfect for making lips and eye brows even more life like.
Use it to make your Genesis paints spread like satin.
Also use it to make your colors more transparent like real baby lip color.
Thinning Medium looks like a clear Genesis paint but it is much, much more.
It is hard to get a semi-transparent lip color using odorless thinner because it pools and puddles in lip lines and the crevices of the mouth.
Thinning Medium makes your lip color spread out nicely and gives your baby's lips that translucent life-like look that everyone expects from your work.
Thinning Medium also helps you make delicate hair-like eyebrows quicker than ever as it thins the paint without making it runny.
Perfect to use in conjunction with Thick Medium!
Thinning Medium will not water down the paint - it just makes it easier to use and spread - giving you more control over your brush strokes which means more life-like babies.

Bake at 265° Fahrenheit or 130° Celsius. Suggested bake time is 8 minutes.
For most accurate curing use our oven thermometer.
Small Jars are good for lots and lots of dolls
As most reborners know a tiny bit of paint goes a long way!
Oil Based Paints - Never Dry Out
Genesis Paints are designed to be used with thinning medium or thinner.
They will go a lot further, last longer and paint a lot more dolls,
then the already pre mixed paints.
The quantity of dolls you can paint from one petite jar varies tremendously
and is based on the artist's technique and the amount of waste.
Use a tooth pick or small spatula to take just a tiny bit of paint for your pallet.
High Intensity paints are not transparent but become transparent

by the amount of thinning that you choose to add to them.

*Please Note:
We manually fill the Petite Jars with 5 grams of Genesis Heat-Set Paints (GHSP)
We manually fill the Jars with 10 grams of Genesis Heat-Set Paints (GHSP)
These small jars are filled with 100% Genesis Artist Color Paints, we Do NOT use thinners or fillers.
The Fill amount can vary due to the consistency of the paint colors.
Measured by volume. the jars are filled to where the lid threads begin. (See Photo)
Overfilling the jar can cause leakage of the oils in the pressure of shipping.

PLEASE NOTE - We cannot accept Returns or Exchanges on any Paints.)

Eyebrow Mini Tutorial

Supplies needed:
Burnt Umber
Porcelain Paint Palette
Genesis Thinning Medium
Flat-Sided Toothpick for Mixing Small Round BrushCraft Stick for MixingCloth-like Disposable TowelGenesis Oven Thermometer

Step 1 - Using the Burnt Umber paint color, put a dab on your porcelain paint palette using a flat-sided toothpick. Do not use plastic palettes as they will react with Genesis paints and melt.

Step 2 - Add an equal amount of Thinning Medium to the Burnt Umber (using a flat-sided toothpick ) and mix together until all the Thinning Medium disappears into the Burnt Umber.

Step 3 - Dip the tip of your small round brush into the mix and then clean off the excess paint by lightly dragging the brush along a paper towel once or twice.

Step 4 - Gently draw the very tip of the brush along the surface of the vinyl leaving a single fine line for an eyebrow hair. A lighter touch will create a thinner eyebrow.
Repeat this process until all eyebrow hairs are applied.
If the eyebrow is too dark then add more thinning medium to make it more transparent. If it is too light then add more paint to the mix.
Shortcut: The pre-mixed eyebrow paint comes with the thinning medium already added to the eyebrow paint for a perfect and ready mix.

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