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Hi Sandie and daughters - I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery AND the meticulous way you packaged everything. All arrived in perfect shape!  Great job.


Thank you so much! I absolutely love your company. I've ordered so much stuff from you over the past 4 months and always been happy. Thank you ladies for all you do!   ~ Elizabeth


Thank you so much for the great sales and reborning items! We adore everything we have ever gotten!


I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for all the information and helpful tips you have on your website. What a beautiful gift you have to share with others. Thank you!!  Stephanie


I just received the order I placed on Sunday night. All I can say is WOW, that was fast. Thank you for the speedy shipment. I had just finished a beautiful SOLE Sherry and was anxious to get her listed and couldn’t find my magnets…………. Panic……….. So I really appreciate getting these so fast.  Linda

Hi Sandy,

  It is so nice to have a personal email from you.  Very refreshing to the other suppliers who are more "mechanical" in their order processing and responses.  (:   Personal touch can go a long way, as I am sure you know.

Thanks so much, and let me know when my kit arrives!

Have a fantastic day,  Donna


Thank you so much!!!  I received my packages today, I'm so excited to get started but so surprised at all of the stuff and all the care packaging ever little thing, and I'm so in love with Rose already, I truly look forward to doing more business with you.

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH,  Wendie 💖


Hi Sandie,

I’ve just received my latest order and I want to thank you for always, always shipping so quickly. I can depend on and that is special.

Also for the unexpected extra pair of eyes and paci’s. Totally a surprise and I thank you very much for your kindness.

My Best to You All,  Linda


I actually can't believe how fast you guys ship. I stumbled upon you guys while looking for supply replacements that were out of stock from my regular supplier. Lol, I decided to come back and place another order for more parts. Much appreciated ☺️


Y'all are the best.   Superior customer service.

Thank you so very much.

Hi Sandie

Just wanted to say that I started using the Baby Strokes brushes on my kit.  Absolutely love them!  Mim


Thank you so much! You are a great gal and really care about your customers! You have totally exceeded my expectations!

Hugs and blessings,  Yvonne



Thank you so much. The paint has already arrived. I was so excited when I found your store. Your pricing and service cannot be beat! I get paid on Wednesday. I'm sure to be ordering more soon!

Thanks again,  Lynette


Hello Sandie,I received my order today!  I get things faster from you than I do from things in California! Thank you so much for the excellent service!  I sure appreciate it.  Cynthia


Thank you so much - I got the wig and it is perfect ! 

I appreciate your kindness and going out of your way

With sending me the pictures :)


Hi Sandie, I just recieved my order ,and my WONDERFUL GIFT OF PINK STROKE BRUSHES. I SO LOVE THEM!! I am painting with them later today. Thank you so much you had made my day!  I just love being able to order and do layaways from you,We all love you Sandie!  Have a blessed day. hugs, Kathy


Thank you so much for carrying the Lauscha glass doll eyes from Germany. I'm a baby doll sculptor and the eyes really help me visualize a beautiful baby in clay while I sculpt  Patti


Hi Sandie, You are of a dying breed, as others that I USED to shop with, charge a high fee for shipping and if it ships cheaper, they just keep the extra amount.  I am like you and if a customer is overcharged, I refund the difference or add extra to their package.  Like you said, it's not mine to keep. 8~}  I appreciate so much the extra.Thanks so much.  So many wouldn't have done anything and would have just kept the extra money.  Thanks for going the extra mile.Have a GREAT day,   Gina  


Hi, Sandie.

 I received my package! Oh my gosh, you didn`t need to spoil me like that!!!! Oh, those sweet little socks! And that darling little barett! Awwww, that was adorable!!! And I think you put more money into this sale than you got out of it, didn`t you? That wasn`t necessary but thank you very much!!!!! I really appreciate it. I`ll be back again, not because I  expect to be "spoiled" again but because you`re a very nice person to do business with. Thanks again, Sandie.   Linda


Hi Sandie, I just recieved my order ,and my WONDERFUL PINK STROKE BRUSHES. I SO LOVE THEM!! I am painting with them later today. Thank you so much you had made my day!  I just love being able to order and do layaways from you,We all love you Sandie!  Have a blessed day. hugs, Kathy


Thank you Sandie, I know you always do your best to look after us and I understand that shipping isn't cheap at the best of times. So thank you once again for all your wonderful help.Hugs, Elizabeth


We have been doing business together for a few years now, and I keep coming back. That is a good sign of how I feel about your integrity and good business sense. Your a good, honest person which means everything to me. Respects,  Teresa


You are the only company I know of that sends a special note just from you when I order.  It is a very special touch and makes the customer feel really special.  I know its probably a pain at times, but don’t stop it.  Its very GOOD.

Thank you!!


Thank you!  BTW, Your site was recommended by someone on utube, which is how I discovered you.  I love your store and your prices are great, so I am sure you will be hearing from me again!  Kimber ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for always promptly shipping my orders ... I know it's not easy running a business , and you are always so quick to ship out .. thank you so much again   Misty ❤


Hi Sandie,I just wanted to let you know that I got my order.  Everything was lovely!  Thank you for the extra lashes, and for shipping so fast.  You have great customer service!  I will be back.  :)Thanks!  Andrea


Thank you so much, Sandie and Team!!!  I always go to you first whenever I need reborning supplies and you have never disappointed me...your service is always first rate and you always provide the little personal touches that mean so much.

 I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Diane


I have to admit that since I found you, I rarely shop anywhere else.  I love your shop and your service.   Thanks for everything! 



I am totally amazed at your customer service, Your fast replies. And of course, the low prices of your products.

Keep up the excellant work. God Bless, Judy


You are the best!!!!! Love you have all the preorder kits before anyone else. I had a bad experience with another company. I love your store!! See you soon ! 


Hi Sandie,

Thanks so much....that is a very nice surprise and so appreciated.

I love doing business with you guys and looking forward to more in the future...

 Have a wonderful day!   Jennifer


I just wanted to say thank you again.  Thanks for all of your great service.  You guys are the most dependable site that I buy from and I really appreciate it.  I always try to get what I need from you first.:)

You guys have a lovely day and week.  Sue


Thanks once again Sandie for being so prompt with my order.

One could tell that you do your very best to get everything so carefully packed and shipped

to the very best of your ability and it is very much appreciated.

I love everything that I ordered. The eyes are gorgeous and the doll kits.

Looking forward to doing further business with you.

Have a great day,    Ann


Hello, there,

I will be back again and again because I like how you do business. I am impressed by your great customer service. All I want is to be treated fairly and I will be a loyal customer.

Thanks for your e-mails letting me know what's going on.  Rita


Hi Sandie,I just received your package and might I say that was incredibly fast shipping and the packing is so nice. I love Thanks, Brittany


Sandie, Wow, you must have a 'quick & direct' pipeline for your sending things!  I just came back from the post office, and the package was there from you!  Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I so much do APPRECIATE your sending me the two items, that I was in such need of.... and to have sent them so quickly.  You definitely have GREAT products, and I am so very 'happy/glad' that I was able to find your website, and that you have such great things that you sell. I DEFINITELY will be wanting to be doing much more 'business' with you, Sandie.  I have watched allot of your videos on You Tube and have enjoyed them, and learning things from those videos.  Again, THANK YOU so very very much!  Pat


Hi!  Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and I am very happy with everything!  Thank you so much!  You have such great deals and you are so nice to send the extras!  I will definitely be back!   Thanks, Emily


You guys are awesome.  We can always depend on the fastest service from you.  Thanks for helping us to run our business!!! 



Sandie,  Thank you so much, I just love your customer service :)


I just received my first kit in the mail. Wanted to thank you for getting it here so fast! I am just starting to make reborn dolls and this will be my first one. I will definatly be ordering more from you in the future! :) Also will recommend you to friends and family. Thank you , Melanie


It's very nice of you to help me, thank you !    I love these Eyeco polyglass eyes. Many customers want glass eyes but often they are not as beautiful. Many people do compliments on my dolls with Eyeco eyes, I find that they adapt better to orbits than glass eyes. Thanks again for your excellent communication and understanding.  Sylvie


Hello Sandie and Lisa! I received the order quickly.....I was amazed !!!

You will be seeing more of me.....for sure !!   I am so pleased with all the items !


THANK YOU so much for the 'extra' free adorable 'onsie' !  That couldn't be sold...I will wash and it will be okay !

I will be back AND have an account with you !

WHAT A GREAT TEAM YOU ARE !!!!!    Shopping such a pleasure with you !  Linda


I just wanted to thank you for my azure blue Lauscha weighted flat back human glass eyes that i ordered. I absolutely  LOVE THEM, they are so beautiful and i appreciate the fast shipment. I will surely be ordering  from you again in the near future, thanks again.♡


You have the best supplies/kits.

Wish more companies were more reputable as you are! People think she is real. Take care, and thank you for the kind words.

  :0) Tina


Sandie you are wonderful! You have awesome Customer Service and have always been very helpful whenever I ask.

 I know I can be a "Problem Child" at times but you always get me through it!!  {{Hugs}}    Jo


Oh Girl

Thank you so much !  You are so sweet and I really do appreciate it.:)))  Thank you.  I always look first to see if you have the kits that I need because I love working with you, you are just so sweet and I know I have told you but your customer service beats everyone else.:)