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This is my second order with your company and I just love you guys!  You all have impeccable customer service! 
I replaced eyes on several of my My Twinn dolls recently.  My dolls look so good that I had to reorder the colors I used so I have the same great colors for the future.
Thank you so much for the quick shipping - you guys rock!  You are all important and appreciated!!  Have a great rest of the week and weekend! 
Subject: Honeybug - Thank you!
Message: Thank you so much for fulfilling my order! I ordered 2 beautiful honey bug paci's for my sweet babies. They are perfect and so easy to use. Thanks again -Kev
I had forgotten to mention that I really appreciate you replying to my email, and on Sunday!  
Yes, I realize that you are running a business and orders, or questions regarding products or orders can come up at all hours and may fall on any day. And which I've done enough times - placed orders at all hours. 
Having said all the above, I truly appreciate your graciousness in this situation. Plus, I've also liked the speedy service in which you mail out my orders.
Also, the small, thank-you printed notes, from Dolls by Sandie, is a very classy touch! I have no idea if your other customers seem to notice them, but I do. 
Have the start of a great week and stay hydrated and cool. Husband and I, are trying to drink a ton of water!!
Currently and sadly, Southern California is roasting!  ????
Subject: Customer Service
Message: Good morning. I just had to write you to let you know that I have ordered from you quite a few times now and I couldn't be more pleased with your products or your service! My packages typically arrive two days after I place an order and to me that is lifesaving in some instances! 
Everything I've orders thus far has been of great quality, and I find your prices to be better than any others.  I recommend your company over the big name ones to people all the time now.
I'm so glad I came across your company when I did. I look forward to purchasing a lot more for you in the future!!
Sincerely,  Crickett
Another wonderful fast order with beautiful shoes, reborn Maria, and photo props and outfits thanks again sooo much ????♥?????
I just wanted to send a note of thanks to each of you for your hard work and great efforts to meet your clients needs.
I am blown away at how fast my order arrives each time. I just wanted to thank each of you for all your efforts.
Be blessed. Stay safe. Sincerely, Imogene
I got my order today and I wanted to thank you. It came so nicely wrapped and protected. I will be ordering again. Thank you
There's a reason why I ALWAYS go to you first. you NEVER disappoint me.  I JUST placed an order and wham. it's across the nation and at my door!  Thank you thank you thank you!  I LOVE how you do business!  And I've spread the word too! Donda
Sandie, I recently purchased a boo-boo silicone doll for $650 from another company.  Now that may sound like a good deal to everyone else, but for me, this was a lot of money.  My problems began though when I received her.  Her boo-boos were so very visible and evident that I found it almost impossible to bond with her.  One of her problems was that she was almost bald. At first I considered trying to re-root her hair myself.  However, I had never done this before and I really did not want to make her worse than she was. 
So, I logged onto Dolls by Sandie.  You have so many absolutely gorgeous little wigs. and I simply could not decide, should she be a blonde, a redhead, etc.,
so I ordered 3 separate wigs.

I received my order in record time.
Once they arrived, and her wig was chosen I logged once more onto you site and followed the instructions you give for gluing the wigs to reborn.  I wasn't sure if this would work for silicone dolls as well, but it did.  I now have a beautiful and sweet little brunette baby girl that I am simply in love with.

Thank you so much Sandie, not only for your products but for your advice.
I will definitely be back.
Loved the outfit I purchased for my baby and there was an extra outfit added in! So sweet! Will definitely be ordering from here again.
I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you so much. I bought my first reborn a few months ago, and the lady I purchased her from recommended your store to me for pacifiers. Now suddenly I find myself making my own dolls and you all have the best selection and prices for the things I need.
All of my orders have been shipped and delivered quickly, packaged with great care, and the products have been wonderful. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your business's professionalism and I'm very impressed. I received mohair that I'm going to root my first baby with and a few other things this morning and felt the need to reach out. Everything is always awesome and exceeds my expectations. You have a faithful customer in me.
Sincerely, Caitlyn
Hi Sandie, I just wanted to thank you for the shipping cost credit. Not many places would do that. You're always available to answer questions and concerns and that's just one reason I enjoy doing business with you. Again, thank you very much.

Sandie - Before the year ends I just wanted to wish you and your family a terrific happy and healthy 2020. You are very much appreciated.  I wanted to say thank you to you and your daughter and anyone behind the scenes that helps you to provide us such a wonderful shopping experience and service year round. Much continued success and happiness to all of you!! 

Warm regards and wishes,  Barb
Message: Pink and purple are my favorite colors. Yippee. Love my pillow!

Hugs to Sandie's daughter.
I was so excited to get my doll kit to make it as a Christmas gift for my daughter. It was my first time reborning and I couldn't have done it without you guys!  The Reborners Package with kit and instruction manual were perfect and it was great working with you. 

Thank you so much!

I SO ,SO, appreciate how very fast you guys are at getting my orders out !!  You guys are always wonderful to work with.  I think, seriously, that you guys have the BEST service of any doll site I have ever ordered from.  You have become my favorite site to order stuff from.  SO I just want to say Thank you.

    Great health and Blessings....... Cassie

I just got my 2nd order two days ago and everything was perfect. Again, I will be promoting you to everyone I know as too many people have been ripped off it is too hard to trust any more and you have come through, been professional and your products are fantastic and at amazing prices


Thank you Sandie.. I really appreciate that!

You have 'officially' become my FIRST 'go to' Web Site when searching for the latest release Doll Kits!


Thank you so much Lisa - I try not to drive you guys crazy placing small orders back to back but two custom orders arrived separately...-thank you again! I'll say it over and over again, you guys are really amazing with everything you do - it's truly a blessing and a rarity!   Barb

from an Appreciative Customer,

Message: Hello,
I just received another order from your store. I continue to be in awe of the various types of merchandise, selection, quality, prices and fast delivery. But what I am most in awe about is how much stuff you can get into those little boxes! Opening each box is like opening presents on Christmas morning.
After each order I say to myself you're done you don't need anything else and you've spent quite enough money on these girls. Then I see something I just have to have.
I was having so much fun I wanted my sister to have fun as well. So I sent her a doll. Well, she needed stuff too so I made a few more orders. I always check what's new and clearance. I have a shoe thing so now so do my girls. I am having so much fun and so is my sister. Thank you so much for having this business! I appreciate you so much!
Melody, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

P. S. In addition to playing and having fun, I'm gathering research for a paper on the benefits of adult doll play on anxiety and depression in women.
Sandy just wanted to let you know how very much I love shopping with you. Your prices are great and your selection is fantastic. And your customer service is the best!!!!  
I always feel like a kid in a candy shop waiting for your package to come.
Look forward to doing business with you again !!!!!   Donna

Dear Sandie, This note is long overdue! Thank you for keeping us updated regarding Chloe (kit) by Natali Blick, for your awesome communication, and for the fast shipping! It's your untiring dedication to this community that has kept me returning to you and your online store for all these years.  Sincerely,  Catherine


Hi Sandie and company, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your awesome customer service. I order from you frequently and I am always glad that I did.  You have a great selection of items at affordable prices ~ a dollmakers dream!  Thank you,  Julie


Hi Sandie

Thank you so much :) Your customer service is EXCELLENT and I appreciate such fast shipping. It has been awhile since I ordered from you but now that I am back to reborning on a full-time basis you will hear a lot more from me :)

Thanks so much,     Tara


Thanks Sandie, You are the only dealer who takes the time to personally thank each person who buys from you. It is so refreshing to receive this personal attention and know my business is appreciated.



I picked up my order today and I just want to let you know that everything is perfect. The items were very well packed and in excellent shape. The eyes are absolutely beautiful and totally realistic and are just what I was hoping for. Also the mohair is excellent and just the right color. The tiny brushes will be great for doing eyebrows. Thank you so much for all the good stuff!

Sincerely,  Elizabeth

You are the BEST, Sandie!!  And a good morning to you too :-)  The needles are always a necessity and I so appreciate it.  Your customer service always so superb!!  Much appreciated,  Elizabeth
Hi Sandie,

Just wanted to say thank you for the credit to my account for the savings in shipping costs.  Not many people in business would pass that savings along to the customer and I just wanted to let you know that it is truly appreciated.  I recieved my order quickly and all was perfect.  I am excited to get started.

Thanks again,  Deborah


THANK YOU !!  You guys really are my favorite people to deal with.  Your customer service is better than any out there.  Not just on this, as I have told you guys this before , it's just because you guys actually care about the customers.:)  Big smiles to you guys !!!   Cassie

Hi Sandie,

  Thank you so much for getting the package out today. I love ordering from you because I get the packages in 1 or 2 days, which is so helpful seeing is I never seem to have what I need. And I love that you never miss lead people on your products. I am actually working on a doll I ordered off of ebay and it wasnt at all what there description said and wasnt the same doll in there photos so I returned it and have ordered the one from you now. Its just so much easier purchasing things from you. Thanks again. Tricia


Wow Sandie that is so amazing!!!  

I was just getting ready to fly out the door to work then checked my emails one last time, saw that my order has been shipped!

 Thank you SO much!

I will let my friends know about your great & fast customer service :)

always a pleasure ~ hugs  Nancy


THANKS!!!I just wanted to say thank you for the free baby hat included in my last order.  What a nice thing to do!  Also, I greatly appreciate. Your service is wonderful and is not forgotten any time I need to order supplies.  Again, thank you for caring for your customers needs.


Hi Sandie,  Thank you, you are one of my favorite dealers, you are really so nice and so fair..

Hugs, Gudrun


i just had to come say what awesome customer service you all have. granted ive not been in the reborn world for that long, but i have ordered from a few different places, usually by word of mouth....but i have to say out of the ones i have shopped with, you by far have the most to choose from, lay away available, you ship faster than any, and if there are ever any issues, you are on top of them to fix. good customer service is hard to come by these days it seems, and i felt all that are involved wtih dolls by sandie deserved a HUGE pat on the back. keep up the A++ work. many many thanks barb


I took a class at DEDS and she highly recommended your brushes!!


Thanks again. Just another example of why I wouldn't order my supplies from anywhere else. Nobody else has ever given me such amazing customer service and been so kind :) I tell everyone where I get my supplies and would recommend any reborn artist to order through only you :)

Have a wonderful day!   Hollie


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for having the glass eyes for the reborns on your website for purchasing...I bought a pair of brown ones & I just love how they look on my reborn... he is definitely a keeper now & I can't wait to get him rooted hair, thank you again so much. Joy


You are so welcome Lisa, you really are my favorite and the first place I look when I need supplies.  You have a great day too,  Julie


Thank you Sandie for the update.  You have always been so wonderful with your customer care.  I wish all suppliers could only be so good.  :) Have a great afternoon.  Gina


Thank you very much!  I truly appreciate it and I look forward to purchasing more of your wonderful products.

 I absolutely love the kits and the great deals you offer😊

Best regards,   Haydee

Your high level of customer service is much appreciated!  Cher"

awesome job  I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the way you do business, there are a lot of doll suppliers out there who are not nice to work with. To them It is just getting your money and that is all. I think people should be told when they do a good job. I have gotten things from you and it has always been a pleasure to work with you. Things are sent to me timely and in good condition and I think your prices are fair and you should be proud of your self and your business. We always let people know when we are not satisfied so I think we should let them know when they  are doing a good job as you are. Thank you for your web and your kindness in getting supplies that are worthy of your site and good things not a lot of junk. Thanks again and I hope you have continue success in your business. I will be a returning customer always.  Elizabeth


Thank you for the quick response, I have heard many good reviews of your company. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sandie, I just wanted to thank you for the free doll eyes, that was so very sweet of you and this is why we keep coming back to you.. because you have great customer service and are soooo sweet! We recently (regrettably) ordered some lashes from another place.. we placed that order on the 17th and still haven't received it. I have messaged the people, in which they did say that they had just mailed it out on the 28th! ... We are waiting on these lashes for Christmas order dolls! ... the only reason that I ordered from this other place is that they are the clear thread lashes, which I really like.  Is there any way that you would have access to the clear thread lashes.. if so we will order from you on those only... as you undoubtedly provide the best service out there. If you can't we understand, but would rather order from you than anyone and of course will keep coming back to for all else.. lol.. Thank you sandie.. we apprecite you so much and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!  Lori and Doug


Sandie ( and/or staff or employees )

Thank you so much for remembering the hat! I have to say that you are the best for getting the order correct. I order a lot from many places and you are the best at getting it right. Some places consistantly send the wrong thing...or the wrong size body, etc. so cudos! and Thank you!!!  Becky
I love your web site as there is so much to see, and lots of great bargains.  Thank you so much for being there for us.
Thank you ladies!!! Hope your holidays are wonderful, beautiful and healthy! I certainly want to say thank you for all the hard work you do year round in providing us such wonderful items at an already amazing price and just about THE best customer service I have ever experienced! Thank you so much! Barbara