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Sorting - Lauscha Weighted Flat Back Human Glass Eyes

My sorting process to make the best possible match for these
Flat Back Glass Eyes from Lauscha, Germany

The sorting process is a big part of making the best set possible.

Iris Sizes vary, Pupil sizes vary.

Eye shades vary even in the same batch.

Some will have darker rim around iris, some will not.

When shipments of eyes arrive, usually several hundred eyes at a time.

My first step is to dump the bag of one size and color onto the table.

I lay them all flat and start to sort.

It takes several hours to sort them. You can relate it to a puzzle.

First I separate by color shades.

Then I separate by Iris Size Comparisons.

Then I look for Pupil Sizes that are similar.

All looking for two eyes that match each other.



*A Note from the Eye Artist

Eyes are made by hand one at a time.
  There may be small differences in the iris shades.
     Also slight differences in iris sizes and pupil sizes.
There may be tiny flecs or very tiny bubble like spots.
  The lighter colored eyes may show light and dark spots,
     These are not mistakes or flaws, this is the case of manual labor working with glass.
A Note from me,
   If you are looking for perfection, then please choose manufactured eyes. Eyeco Eyes are the best.
Any returns or exchanges of these Glass Eyes, because you do not like them, will be at your expense.