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Instructions for Fitting and Gluing Wigs

wig gluing
How To Fit a Full Cap Wig
How to Glue a Partial Cap Wig
How to Glue a Full Cap Wig.

Fitting and Gluing Full Cap Wigs:  Follow My Photo Pages

#1 - Gather all your items.

       Practice putting the wig on first,

#2 - Turn it inside out and put your hand inside the wig, so it is lying on the palm of your hand.

#3 - With your fingers on the inside where the hair is and the cap of the wig is now facing out,  Spread your fingers.

#4 - Place your wrist at the base of the neck and hold firm there. 

#5 - Flip the wig up over the head, spreading your fingers out while they are under the wig and pull with other fingers.

#6 - Pull down edges for a proper fit.

#7 - Practice this again - Do this a few times for practice BEFORE applying glue on the head.

#8 - Squeeze  White Tacky Glue, It is non toxic,

#9 - Apply to the top of the head, where it will be fastened.

#10 - Spread the glue around with your finger.

#11 - This will give you a better feel of the thickness of glue.

            If the wig is ever ruined in the future, for any reason, it can be removed and replaced if you use Tacky Glue.

#12 - Make sure you do not put too much glue on, so it doesn't come thru to the hair.

            And don't make the circle of glue too large or the hair will get in it.

#13 - Spread glue around head,

#14 - keep the circle of glue smaller than the cap of the wig.

#15 - Do Not go to far down to ears, forehead or neck.

#16 - Wipe your finger on the inside of the wig, this way the glue is off your finger and you can keep working.

#17 - Place the wig on your hand as you practiced before and hold the hair back,

#18 - Keep the back of the wig, with your wrist pressed against the back of the head.

#19 - Using your fingers on the other hand, pull the front of wig up over the head.

#20 - Flip it up and over and press it into place. Position it.

#21 - Check the fitting, pull down the edges at ears.

#22 - Pull into place at ears and forehead.

#23 - Pull into place at back of neck.

#24 - Apply rubberbands all over the head to hold the wig down into place.

#25 - This will make the bond to the head tight. Press around head to make sure the wig is lying flat against the head.

#26 - Leave all the bands on for an hour or so. Then you can remove all the bands.

#27 - Carefully go along the edge of wig, and lay it back if there is no glue there, apply a bead of Elmer's glue along that edge.

          It is a thinner glue and you are able to make a thin line and press the edge down again.

#28 - Re-apply a few rubberbands around that edge to make the bond tight.

#29 - Let dry for an hour or so again, and then remove all the bands.

          You can brush and style the wig. Trim if necessary, but remember it will not grow back if trimmed to short.



 Gluing Partial Cap Wigs

It is my pleasure to help you here.

Here are my notes that I made for people when they ask this question.

Just put a little White Tacky Glue on the top of the head where it will be fastened.
Spread it out with your finger thinly and press the wig down.

Make sure you do not put too much glue on, so it doesn't seep through.
And don't make the circle of glue too large or the hair will get in it. Just do a oval a little smaller then the cap of the wig.

Hold the hair back and press it into place.
I put rubberbands over the wig on the head to hold the wig down into place.

Wait a few hours, then peal the wig back around the edges and put glue there, if there isn't any there.
Then apply the rubberbands once again, to hold it down for a few hours while it dries.

Shorter hair goes in the front, longer hair is the back.

When completely dry, hold back hair and using your finger, but a very thin layer of glue around the rest of head, brush hair down into it, this will let the bottom layer of hair fasten to the head, it will help hide the rest of the head. Use just a very thin layer of glue.