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Quantity Packs - 42g Notch German Steel Rooting Needles
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42 Gauge High Quality German Steel Rooting Needles with Notch

3 Barbs
Package of 3 Needles - $3.57 - ($1.19 each)

Purchase in Larger Quantities and SAVE
Package of 10 Needles @ .99 cents each - $9.90
Package of 25 Needles @ .89 cents each - $22.25
Package of 50 Needles @ .79 cents each - $39.50

PLEASE NOTE - We cannot accept Returns or Exchanges on any Rooting Needles.

Needle with 3 barbs for very fine micro-rooting.  Made in Germany.

Made of German Steel - stronger for less breakage. Nearly invisible holes when rooting.
Reborners prefer the German needles. The quality of the steel means that the needles break less often.

We are delighted to be able to offer you these top-of-the-range German needles.

The needle size (40,42,43, 46 etc) refers to the thickness of the needle. The higher the number the finer the point of the needle.
All of our products are artists' materials and are not suitable for children under 14.


The higher the gauge number, the smaller the needle.

The lower the gauge number, the larger and stronger the needle.

 Also, the number of barbs on the side of the needle will effect structural strength (how easy they break).
We stock several types of needles:
   Compact - has 9 barbs
   Notched -
have 1 or 2 barbs per edge (3 or 6 barbs total), and they are at staggered.
   Crown -
are triangular, and have three edges, and a single small barb per edge. (3 barbs)   
   Forked -
have a very tiny fork on the tip.   
   Single Barb - needles root the finest
and are for advanced rooters only.

For rooting into vinyl, a 38 gauge Crown needle roots about as finely as a 42 gauge Notched needle.
This is because Crown needles pull fewer hairs per follicle, because they have fewer barbs on the needle. That is what they are designed to do


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Reviewer: Lola Kennel
02/17/2016 09:23pm
NOT all needles are created equal!!

I have purchased similar needles from another supplier in the past and recently for comparison. While the other supplier's needles are a little less expensive, they DO NOT compare!! With the purchased needles (from other supplier), they pulled more than one hair at a time no matter how few hairs I worked with; they broke when I tried to use the correct angle so the hair would lay flat and left BLACK marks on the head of my doll!!

In short, I will NEVER buy the other felting needles again. I WILL buy only these from this point forward.

BTW. I don't care for crown or forked needles. My preference. I like the look when rooted, but HATE the amount of hair loss you get with normal brushing, styling and trimming. The only way forked or crown needles have worked for me in the past is to glue hair on inside of head after a section is completed.

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