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Baby Bottle - Sesame Street
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Sesame Street 5 oz. Size Baby Bottle with Little Baby Print.

Choose from 2 styles.

Real 5 ounce baby bottle.
Great little bottle for your Reborn Babies.

One bottle with nipple, and cap and Lid.

Making fake baby bottles for your little one:

To make Liquid for the bottles:

1. Water and Acrilic Paint: it will barely separate over time, nor does it stain the bottles.

2. For Milk, use off white paint. 2 drops into 4 oz of water and mix.

Another suggestion...
For milk: Elmer's wood glue, 1 oz to 2-3 oz water. Mix until it looks right.

3. For Juices: Acrylic Paints.

Apple Juice-- One drop of yellow and one drop of orange in 8 ounces of water in a bottle. Shake and it looks like apple juice.

Grape--Two drops red and two drops blue make purple, or just one drop of purple in the water.

Cranberry--One drop red and one drop orange for cranberry color.

Orange Juice--Two drops yellow and two drops red make orange.

To seal nipples:

Fill the nipples with candle wax. Use candle wax the same color as the liquid you will be having in the bottle. Do not seal the lid to the bottle because if it would go bad, you can fix it that way.

Other suggestions for sealing the nipple are:

Can of Seal A Leak: Spray in the nipple and let dry for 24 hours, then spray a second time. Let dry.

Superglue: Just put the glue in the tip of the nipple, maybe 1/8 inch deep. It dries clear and then the liquid can flow into the nipple.
*Note: Some say that they have had problems with using any type of glue in the nipples, stating that when you squeeze the nipple to get it in certain dolls mouths, the glue pops out.

Mini Tutorial:

Making a Bottle for a Reborn Baby

By Diane Robinson

Supplies Needed:

1 pr. of Strong Magnets

Mop Brush

Fan Brush

Preemie Baby Bottles

Glass of Water

White Paint

How do you get your baby to hold the bottle to her mouth?

Use our extra strong pacifier magnets!

To secure the magnet inside the mouth,
Use E6000 : It dries clear and rubbery.

1. Unscrew the cap and remove the clear nipple. Then take two of our extra strong pacifier magnets and put one on each side of the disc found inside the bottle cap. The magnets will hold each other in place so that you won't need to glue them on.

2. Glue another magnet inside the head of your baby being sure to locate it right behind the mouth. Be sure that you place the magnet in the mouth properly so that it will attract the magnet on the bottle.
Use E6000 Glue

3. Let the glue dry overnight so that the magnet will be securely attached.

4. Put one drop of white paint into the bottle.

5. Dip your mop brush into water and press against the upper lip of the open baby bottle thereby unloading the brush full of water into the bottle. This will dilute the paint slightly for easier spreading.

6. Take your fan brush and spread the white paint around inside the bottle coating the entire inside. Let the bottle dry for an hour. Repeat the process until the bottle is completely coated on the inside and resembles white formula in appearance. You can use orange colored paint to make it look like a juice bottle.

Don't ever put real liquids in your reborn baby bottle. Any liquid you put in could spoil, turn colors and produce an odor. You also would run the risk of leaks that could ruin your baby.

These bottles are light weight enough that the magnets will easily hold the bottle in place. With the bottle in place it will look like the baby is drinking its own bottle.



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