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Magnets - 10 X 3mm - Super Extra Strong Magnets
SKU: RS-203
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1 Set (2 pcs.) - Use these extra strong magnets for your Reborns Pacifier.

10mm by 3mm

Always make sure they are glued so they attract to each other.


  • Glue one magnet inside the dolls head at the mouth area.Then cut the nipple off the pacifier and glue the other magnet or glue a metal washer to the paci, where the nipple was.
  • Glue one Magnet in the dolls head somewhere at the top and the other magnet on a ribbon or bow. Works great to attach a hair bow to your doll that way.  It works instantly
  • Glue one magnet inside a babies hand and the other inside the babies mouth, looks like the baby is sucking on its fist.
  • Have your baby hold a small toy or rattle, by gluing one magnet inside the hand and one magnet to the toy.
  • Glue one inside the belly near the navel, and create your own "detachable" umbilical cord!

Many, many uses -  use your own ideas. Works Great!!!

Not for Children! - Keep away from Children!

WARNING: These magnets are not intended to be used by children. Besides the fact that they are a choking hazard, swallowing magnets can cause serious health concerns or possible death due to forming holes in or clamping off the intestines. Care should be taken with magnets as they may effect computer monitors, floppy disks, credit cards or pacemakers.


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Reviewer: Kim Stewert
03/27/2013 05:26pm
Love these magnets, they are extra strong and I just came back for more. Kim
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