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14-15" Brittany - Monique Wavy Wig
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Monique Full Cap Wig for any doll that has a 14-15" head circumference.

A head full of waves.

Can be brushed and restyled. Great for Reborn Babies,

Apple Valley Dolls, Berenguer Dolls and other dolls of the same size.

Gluing Wigs:

I use the Aileenes White Tacky Glue. It is non toxic. My dolls are state inspected and licensed, and this is what they approve of. If the wig is ever ruined in the future, for any reason, it can be removed and replaced. You can purchase the glue at any craft store, fabric store or Walmart, in the craft dept. It is Tacky Glue. White non toxic glue and washable. Works great. If you cannot find any, I do have it for $2.00. It will glue about 10-15 dolls or anything else. LOL. It comes in different names 'Tacky', 'Aileens'. Just tacky glue.

Practice putting the wig on first, Turn it inside out and put your hand inside the wig, so it is lying on the palm of your hand. (Your fingers are on the inside where the hair is and the cap of the wig is now facing out). Place it at the base of the neck with your wrist there against the base of the neck. Flip it up over the head, spreading your fingers out while they are under the right side of the wig. Do that a few times before putting glue on the head. Once you feel good about that, you just put a little tacky glue on the top of the head, where it will be fastened and spread it around thinly with your fingers. Make sure you do not put too much glue on, so it doesn't seep through. And don't make the circle of glue too large or the hair will get in it. Just do a circle smaller then the cap of the wig. Put the wig on your hand as practiced before and Hold the hair back, flip it up and over and press it into place. Position it. Put rubberbands over the head to hold the wig down into place. This will make the bond to the head tight. Wait a few hours, then peal the wig back around the edges (if there is not glue there) and put a bead of Elmers Glue there. It is a thinner glue and you are able to make a thin line and press the edge down again. I always put a few rubberbands on it again to make the bond tight.

Let me know if you have any questions when you are trying it. Trim if necessary, but remember it will not grow back if trimmed to short. LOL. Have fun.

Let me know if I can help you further. It would be my pleasure. Have fun. Thanks.



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